10 Love Coupons Every Couple Should Exchange

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Marriage is a lot of things – teamwork, rewarding, inspiring – but easy it is not. It’s during those moments that you’ve both reached wit’s end and you’re looking at each other with more disdain than love, that you often need an easy out. A moment to just press refresh and find a way to forget the last day or so and only look forward. A moment when suddenly what you loved most about them matters more than why you want to rip their head off. For us, those moments often come after we’ve cashed in on one of those “love coupon” you always see for sale in gift shops and bookstores.

Yes, we buy them, and believe it or not, they do help. Sometimes they’re just silly enough to get us to share a chuckle, which often is all we need to do to clear our heads. Certain times we take them way more seriously than others (Think: Yes to a “kiss and makeup, no questions asked” redemption, but an I.O.U for “an over the top romantic evening” when our schedules just won’t allow it.) Either way, we urge you to try them. Make them, buy them, it’s your call. What matters most is what they say. If you’re new to this, here are 10 coupons I recommend every couple exchange with the promise that they can be redeemed when needed in your marriage.

“Good for One Duty Swap”
Because for once you’d rather skip the grocery store and go get the oil changed instead. Monotony is boring!

“Good for An Evening of Cuddling”
Because it’s good for your souls, and sometimes says more than words can.

“Good for One Day to Sleep On It”
Because not all problems can be fixed “just like that”.

“Good for One Argument Time Out”
Because sometimes you’re just nowhere near a resolution and life must go on.

“Good for Dismissal of a Repeat Offense”
Because you knew better, but it happened again anyway.

“Good for A Hug and a Kiss When You Need It Most”
Because, well, sometimes that’s all you really need to feel better.

“Good for Ending One Senseless Argument, No Questions Asked”
Because you can’t win ‘em all.

“Good for A Night of Passion, Even When You’re Beat”
Because sometimes you just need to make your partner happy.

“Good for an Early Bed Time, Even If Things Go Undone”
Because sometimes you’re really just too tired to get it all done and you need to recharge without letting your partner down.

“Good for Your Favorite Homemade Meal, Prepared With Love”
Because if you’re eating together, you’re spending quality time together, and getting a chance to talk. That’s never a bad thing!

“Good for A Chance to Continue A Conversation The Other Person Ended”
Because just because they’re “finished discussing this”, doesn’t mean you are.

“Good for A Little More Patience With Me”
Because it’s inevitable that you will every now and again push each other to your limits.

What coupons would you add?

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25 Responses to 10 Love Coupons Every Couple Should Exchange

  1. these are great suggestions!
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  2. HarlemLoveBirds says:

    I LOVE this idea but knowing me I'd misplace the coupons and when I'd want to use one would run off scrambling to find it. LOL!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Ha, I do lose mine a lot as well. You know, try it, and let me know how they go. I actually had fun making some by hand one Christmas. I put them in Man's stocking.

  3. nylse says:

    i think i'll make some…love these coupons and he likes written communication..so i just might be on to something.
    My recent post Maranatha

  4. Tiffany says:

    I plan on making "love coupons" as a little gift for my hubs this year, so this post came just in time!
    My recent post Happy Holidays Giveaway Winner

  5. lianemarkus says:

    What you have said and shown here is actually a brilliant idea for couples and I know many will be agreeing with this. Thanks a lot for the idea and even though this is not a recent post, I find it to be very interesting.
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  8. I LOVE this idea but knowing me I'd misplace the coupons and when I'd want to use one would run off scrambling to find it. LOL!

  9. Logan says:

    I think that it is a good opportunity to all couple. I have got some coupon to my marriage ceremony but I do not exchange these yet. Now I am very inspire to exchange these. Thanks a lot for best posting.

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  11. John Mike says:

    This looks really great and i hope it will help everyone of us. You may need to put your full focus on it!

  12. savepluss1 says:

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