A Few Little Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

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unique valentine's day gift ideas for your husband

Two weeks left until Valentine’s Day wives! Though my husband likes to say it’s really “the woman’s holiday”, I think it’s always nice to show him some love too. So for the last few weeks I’ve been looking for a special gift from me to him for our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. While I’m obliviously not going to post my final pick on the blog, I did want to share with you ladies some of the other unique and sweet gifts I found just in case you’re still looking. Here are some gift ideas your husband (may!) love…

If He Likes to Eat:
Queen of Hearts Retro 50s Apron (Etsy.com)

Throw this cute little retro number on while you’re making his favorite dinner for a sweet surprise. I bet he’ll think your cooking never tasted (or looked) so good.

If He’s Sentimental:
Soul Mate Glasses (BoldLoft.com)

You two found perfection in each other (and now these glasses!). I’ll drink to that!

If He Likes Art:
Pop Art Couple’s Portrait (AllPopArt.com)

A custom portrait made from his favorite photo of you two and large enough to display over the fireplace will be an instant hit in his personal collection.

If He Likes to Read:
U-Star Romantic Novels (UStarNovels.com)

A fiery romance novel starring you and him is sure to be a page-turner. Have this book made in seconds once you include details like names, physical characteristics, and favorite things and pick a cover.

If He Like Being Silly With You:
Complete My Puzzle Love Shirts (BoldLoft.com)

You + him divided by these shirts equals a matching his-and-her getup that’s totally photo-worthy. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to talk him to wearing it to the movies, or maybe even to dinner with you. (If you do it, send a picture, please! Ha!)

If He Likes the Finer Things:
You Name It Embroidered Silk Boxers (PersonalizationMall.com)

Gift him with these sexy personalized silk boxers to wear on Valentine’s Day night. You can have them say something silly like “The Man”, or more simple like his initials.

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4 Responses to A Few Little Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

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  2. alison says:

    Thank you for a really cool Valentines Day Blog. I found the gift ideas given here very interesting.
    Valentines Day Gift ideas for Husband

  3. CabinMama says:

    Just ordered a personalized romance novel from ustarnovels.com for my husband for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the webpage and can't wait to get it! We'll have fun acting out the scenes ;)

  4. Hi there,In case you're the wife,find a picture of a real "hunk" of a guy (you know,muscles aplenty,protruding intentionally).Cut it out,glue a picture of your spouse's face into the picture, and paste it all on a clean white sheet of paper.Write "This is you! I would remember you anyplace.Continuously my Valentine!"Good day.
    -Jamie Ray.

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