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VLOG: The Fight Over Not Fighting (Go Figure)

Today I’m sharing another vlog from The Man that I’ve been meaning to put up. This one’s hilarious for the simple fact that what started as a sweet vlog about how we weren’t fighting in the car (for a change!) … Continue reading

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Dear Husband: Thank You For Being Spontaneous

Dear Man, Thanks to my new job the last three weeks have been one busy, busy, blur. You watched me lay down late and get up early, stay glued to my laptop, and even fall asleep mid-sentence. You told me … Continue reading

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When I Love You Is All You Have Time to Say

Now that I’ve started an awesome (but crazy) new job I work 14-hour days and when I’m home I’m usually sleepwalking or blogging to catch up. Since The Man’s work schedule is almost completely opposite of mine we haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Wedding Proposal Gone (Really Wrong!)

I want to feel sorry for this guy, and then I kind of don’t at the same time. She looks VERY adamant about saying “no” to this one, so he must have had an idea that she wasn’t pleased with … Continue reading

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How Did You Display Your Wedding Photos?

We FINALLY got around to giving our beautiful wedding photos the love they deserve. We opted for framing them in all sizes in RIBBA dark brown wall frames (IKEA) throughout our living room. Have you put yours up on display? … Continue reading

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Living Room Makeover: The Final Touches, A Recap, And The Big Reveal

Remember that living room makeover we embarked at the start of spring? Well, we’re proud to say we’ve finally finished – for now. Over the past few weeks we’ve added the finishing touches, and we can finally kick back and … Continue reading

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