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How Did You Display Your Wedding Photos?

We FINALLY got around to giving our beautiful wedding photos the love they deserve. We opted for framing them in all sizes in RIBBA dark brown wall frames (IKEA) throughout our living room. Have you put yours up on display? … Continue reading

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Living Room Makeover: The Final Touches, A Recap, And The Big Reveal

Remember that living room makeover we embarked at the start of spring? Well, we’re proud to say we’ve finally finished – for now. Over the past few weeks we’ve added the finishing touches, and we can finally kick back and … Continue reading

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Bunny Hop On Over to Check Out These 6 Great Easter Ideas

I’m so looking forward to Easter Sunday. The holiday inspires so many, especially when it comes to décor. Need some last minute Easter décor inspiration? Try one of these 6 awesome ideas I found! 1. Free Printables By Anna Bond … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesdays: I Bought This So My Husband Would Stop Losing My Stuff

I bought this chalkboard basket from Target so my husband would stop misplacing my “stuff” when he cleans up after his “messy wife” his way.Show me a problem and I’ll shop for the solution! The caption says it all! Happy … Continue reading

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Living Room Makeover Part Three: DIY Chalkboard Centerpiece Vases

I’m so excited to write this post! I’m proud to report that this weekend The Man and I successfully completed our first DIY craft project together. It was a small project but a big deal for us because we’re usually … Continue reading

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Get Inspired: 8 Fabulous Ikea Finds Under 30 Dollars

After spending countless years scouring the many aisles of IKEA from coast-to-coast decorating my college dorm rooms and apartments, when I got a little older and a bit more money in my bank account I graduated to shopping at places … Continue reading

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