What Does Your Desk Say About Your Marriage?

Remember that time my refrigerator “décor” triggered a little reflection about how we live and run our lives? Well, it happened again – only this time it was at work. I believe that the way we decorate and arrange the things around us says a lot about who we are, and sometimes who we want to be. (Quick confession: Each year of college I decorated my apartment based on certain laws of feng shui.)

I took this photo of my desk at work on my iPhone and as I stared at it, it got me to thinking – as usual. They say we spend 80 percent or so of our life at work, making your workplace more like home than, well, your actual home. (Sucks, right?) That being so, what I saw in this photo brought a smile to my face. My home is filled with a lot of love, and as you can see, my desk is too… Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Homewreckers (Ladies You Know Who You Are)

It’s not often that I call people out for their wrongdoings on this blog, but these feelings have been simmering for some time and I need to release them. (Hey, I’m a writer, that’s what I do.)

I’ve had the misfortune of seeing a few marriages go down in flames lately because the men involved were weak, and the jealous and equally selfish women in their lives preyed on their insecurities. There are a lot of reasons a marriage can, and often should, come to an end, but cheating, in my book, just should not be one of them. It’s avoidable!

It hurts my heart to hear my husband speak about women he encountered who saw his wedding band and proceeded to solicit him still, or those who ask him how his wife is on Monday then tell him they’d like to be “a little more than friends” on Tuesday. Seriously? These women lose all my respect, and for them, I have a few choice words. They are below. Continue reading

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Marry the One You Really Love, Not the One You “Always Thought” You Would

I picked the right guy. (Thank God!) But, he wasn’t the guy I thought I’d choose to spend forever after with – seriously. But, trust and believe, he’s better. I’m thankful every day that I chose well. I remember fantasizing about my good-on-paper guy constantly; he and I were going to meet in college (A Different World/Hilman style!) fall madly in love, grow together not apart, and then meet at the altar to continue our fairytale. I met that guy in college, but the love wasn’t real and he certainly wasn’t the prince I thought he would be. He didn’t treat me like his princess, much less his queen. I stayed around longer than I should have waiting for things to magically change and then fall in line with my fantasies. That never happened. I moved on….

Then I met Mr. Supposed-Dream Guy toward the end of college and he told me everything I wanted to hear, but never meant a word of it. He said the things I imagined he would, but his actions almost always fell short. Again, I stuck it out longer than i should have, but not quite as long as the last time. I was getting the hint, slowly.

Then I met The Guy, whom I now lovingly refer to as my husband, and he was nothing like the prince charming I daydreamed and doodled about all my young life, instead he was every kind of better…I just needed to remove my rose-colored glasses long enough to see it… Continue reading

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Making It Work: 5 Threats to Your Marriage to Watch Out For

Marriage and learning always go hand-in-hand. The lessons don’t stop at marriage they only become more valuable. In a marriage you will grow and explore together continuously and you’ll find that some lessons are much harder than others. You recognize that finding things out the easy way – like through communication and teamwork – is preferred, but you realize that learning things the hard way is still okay because it just makes you stronger.

Marriage really is the coolest, most awesome and exciting roller coaster you ever got on, only there’s just no getting off the ride. As you roll with the thrills and chills that come with it there are two things that count the most: Being together, and being prepared for the next dip. Continue reading

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10 Love Coupons Every Couple Should Exchange

Marriage is a lot of things – teamwork, rewarding, inspiring – but easy it is not. It’s during those moments that you’ve both reached wit’s end and you’re looking at each other with more disdain than love, that you often need an easy out. A moment to just press refresh and find a way to forget the last day or so and only look forward. A moment when suddenly what you loved most about them matters more than why you want to rip their head off. For us, those moments often come after we’ve cashed in on one of those “love coupon” you always see for sale in gift shops and bookstores. Continue reading

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Dog Needs Your Votes in the Modern Dog Magazine Holiday Photo Contest!

holiday dog photo contest modern dog magazine

"Vote for me!"

Hey friends! Dog needs your support. She’s a finalist in Modern Dog Magazine’s Holiday Pet Photo Contest on Facebook and she needs your votes. I promised her we’d beg you on her behalf. Can you take five for our fur baby? (The prize is an awesome pet celeb photo shoot — worth $850!!) Here’s what we need you to do:

1) Go to Modern Dog Magazine and like their page.
2) Go to Dog’s super adorable photo and click that “Like” button beneath it real fast. DONE!
4) Cross your fingers for us!

Remember, the contest ends on December 15th, so hurry and don’t forget. Thank you SO MUCH!

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