Women Are Apples Men Are Tree Climbers (Dedicated to All the Single Ladies!)

I just “stumbled” across this awesome analogy about dating, love, and self confidence on the web. (Found it using the totally underrated Stumble Upon tool.) It really speaks to self-esteem, dating, and what it means to have the optimism to know he’s out there and the patience to wait for him to come. I’m dedicating this one to all the single ladies out there. I found this inspirational little ditty here. Believe it ladies. Every. Single. Word. I found my tree climber even when I doubted his existence and honestly you will too. I know it. He came to me when I least expected it, in a form I didn’t see coming either. He was willing to climb higher for me, and I didn’t have to fall down for him. No reaching downward ladies, just hold your heads high and wait on your post for him to come to you. Okay? Promise? Thanks! Love ya!

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My Toilet Paper Tirade

right and wrong way to display toilet paper roll

A certain someone in my home seems to think that the correct way to display toilet paper is with the loose end hanging underneath the role. (I’m not naming names but last I checked dogs can’t do housework!) To me, this is totally backwards! Flip it over people – it rolls much more nicely if the loose end hangs over the top! I’m just sayin’.

For years I’ve tried schooling The Hubby on bathroom display etiquette, but he insists I’m nuts and it doesn’t matter either way. Which I guess is why he continues to put it on wrong when he’s on bathroom cleanup duty! Is it me? Isn’t there a right way to put up the toilet paper roll?

Pick a side here people! I’m very curious to see who is in fact more nutso here. Okay, so who cares right? I get it, it’s small stuff, but you’d be surprised how much seeing the roll this way ticks people off. I’ve already met two coworkers at my new job who are equally annoyed by it. Apparently the cleaning crew who does our ladies room would agree with my husband.  So let’s vote, shall we? You tell me:

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Jet-Lagged In Maui

Finally started uploading Flip Videos from our fabulous honeymoon in Maui and Las Vegas. Here’s a funny clip we made our first morning in Maui during a seaside breakfast at our hotel, The Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria. The funniest part is our attempts to pronounce the name of the hotel correctly and to learn the difference between “Aloha” (hello, hi, welcome) and “Mahalo” (thank you, no problem, sure thing”. LOL!

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My Husband Thought It Would Be A Good Idea to Teach The Dog to Take Off His Socks

It was cute and funny when Karma was a puppy with baby teeth and some respect for her owners. Then, she grew up, her real teeth grew in, and she realized she has us wrapped around her paw. Now…sigh…she tries to take off everyone’s socks when they come into our apartment. So at our place, we have a mandatory shoes on or socks off policy for guests with the hopes of sparing them the unwanted pain associated with her being totally unaware of the presence of toes. (But since our whole apartment has wood floors, enforcing this becomes a pain in the ass for them – and us!)

So now every cool night (like this one) when I come home and want to slip on my fun, cozy, bee sock slippers for warmth it becomes a mission impossible scenario. I tip toe around the house and hope Karma doesn’t spot ‘em. Because if she does, THIS HAPPENS…

yorkie photos Karma the Yorkie

First Karma spots the socks and it's game on!

Karma the Yorkie who steals socks

Next, she goes into full on attack mode until she can take down the enemy.

karma the yorkie sniffing my socks

After she succeeds in terrorizing my toes and stealing at least one sock she gets her sniff on.

karma the yorkie sleeping with my socks

Then falls asleep with it.

So much for The Hubby’s genius idea for a new trick. LOL! Is your dog prone to weird fetishes too? If so, please tell me. I’m feeling a little alone here…grrr!

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Our Registry Obsessions of the Moment (Maybe You Will Like ‘Em Too)

Charli and Gibran favorite registry items

Things we loved that you might too!

Now that Christmas has come early for us (AKA we got married and blessed with so many lovely gifts from our wedding registry), The Hubby, The Dog, and I have been surrounded by one cool new house toy after another. If you know me, you know that domestic s of any kind are not my strong point, but I do work at it. I wish I could proudly report that I’ve opened up all the new kitchen appliances and whipped out the cookbook and experimented with a new recipe, but the truth is, all I’ve done this week is snack, sip, and melt with few of my current gift obsessions. Why these?

Sip Plates 6.75” Cocktail Plates(cratendbarrel.com) — Perfect sized portions for a quick cheese and cracker snack or mini his and hers fruit platter. I’m a devoted Weight Watchers member (40 lbs lost so far) and you can only fit but so many Points worth of junk on a plate this small. Plus it’s fun to look at, so in my book that’s a win-win.

Vino Glasses (crateandbarrel.com ) — It’s easy to feel a little bit like a lush in the evening after work if you’re filling up a regular sized wine glass, but pouring up one of these mini glasses as a wind down ritual has proven guilt free for me lately. The Hubby too I think!

Tabletops Unlimited Serveware Popcorn Bowls (macys.com) — Gibran and I are big movie-night people. I’m talking an extra $30 a month is On Demand ordering fees kind of movie-night people. And, since I gave up potato chips and chocolate for the sake of weight loss and better health, popcorn is the only movie-worthy snack left that I can enjoy.

Cuisinart Sandwich Grill (macys.com) — Before we popped this baby out the box I hadn’t had a grilled cheese sandwich in over 10 years. Now, I’m pressing, melting, and bagging like it’s nobody’s business. Gibran is too! We’ve even graduated to tuna melts. Fun and yum!
(Thanks gift-givers – you know who you are!

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True Wedding Story: Our Purple Black and White Dream Wedding Details Revealed

purple wedding lighting at stonehouse at stirling ridge new jesey

Our big entrance and big moment on our big night.

Like most tech-savvy brides these days, as soon as I got my hands on all my wedding photos, I put my favorites up onFacebook. In the weeks that followed lots of congratulatory e-mails came into my inbox – many of them complimentary. A lot of my friends wanted to know details on vendors and décor. It was a pleasant surprise. I’m truly flattered that so many people found our wedding to be as beautiful as we did. It was exactly what we wanted and my vision came to life. The fact that it was a hit with our guest too was really the icing on our (wedding!) cake. So, for all of you out there who want the lowdown on my wedding details, here you go! (Plus, awesome pictures of course!)

The vision: After spending weeks playing with color palettes, I decided on purple black and white as my wedding colors. We wanted a modern design that would complement our white brick loft reception space but also hold its own against the outdoor fall foliage on our ceremony terrace. To be honest, I was inspired by our bathroom, if you can believe it. Our shower curtain is a lovely black and white damask pattern that I’ve always loved. It’s romantic and classic, yet it doesn’t actually feel that old school. I was just staring at it one day and it hit me: We’re going to have a damask themed wedding, and what better color to complement the damask in the fall then a deep purple? And so our theme and colors were born. What followed were months of scouring the web and the aisles of Home Goods and Michaels for unique wedding ideas that worked, and more brainstorming meetings with my wedding planner Kathy Romero (of Concepts in Bloom) than she probably bargained for. But somehow it all came together – fabulously! Here’s a recap of our purple, black, and white damask (fall!) wedding, the details behind the magic, and the vendors behind the amazing details.

Pre-Ceremony Fun

bridesmaid hoodies bride hoodie fall wedding

I adored my "something blue" shoes.

I purchased fitted bridal hoodies with crystal details from Just Jen for me and my bridesmaids to wear the morning of, and they all say they fit well and were super comfy. I also designed custom bridesmaid tank tops for the girls that read “Team Bride” and their names, wedding roles, and date. I got similar shirts for the guys (not shown here!) Both custom designs came from BridalPartyTees.com. All of my bridal jewelry came from Haute Bride and I snagged my something blue Martinez Valero stilettos on sale from Zappos.com. They’re no longer available but you can find them here if you’re on the hunt. I ordered custom hangers as keepsakes for me and the girls from BudgetBoutique on Etsy.com.

The Bridal Party

purple bridesmaids fall wedding purple black and whit wedding

This moment was so much more fun than we even could have imagined. It was the perfect day!

black and white fall wedding stonehouse at stirling ridge

Our first look at each other right before the ceremony. Screw tradition, we just had to be together before the big moment. Ha!

purple black and white fall wedding new jersey purple bridesmaids


I wore the Adele gown by Amsale and Gibran wore a European-cut Calvin Klein suit. My fabulous bridesmaids and maid of honor (who I’ve known since I was nine!) wore flat taffeta strapless ballgowns from Priscilla of Boston (style #1610) in Blackberry. The handsome groomsman and best man wore Calvin Klein suits from Dante Zeller. (Who is the only tuxedo shop out there that lets you try on the looks before you decide, by the way.) Here’s a look at our super fun pre-ceremony photo shoot at Pleasant Valley Park in Basking Ridge, NJ. (Note: Custom Monogrammed wedding parasol from IDoOriginals on Etsy.com and black and white parasols from TheKnot.com’s Wedding Shop.)

Ceremony Details

damask wedding details purple and white wedding ceremony outdoor wedding new jersey

Our handmade wedding details.

One of my favorite things about the ceremony was that almost every detail was handmade. Now, I’m not DIY diva so I called in the experts at Etsy.com to save me.
Custom paper cones: OrangeBlossom on Etsy.com; Custom wedding sign: Our Hobby to Your Home on Etsy.com; custom moss wedding letter: Special Occasion Design on Etsy.com; White hydrangea displays and vases: Concepts in Bloom.

Unity and memorial candles: Candle Couture by Leigh-Ann Kline on Etsy.com; Custom wedding aisle runner: The Original Runner Co.; Mini paper poms: OrangeKisses on Etsy.com; Reserved seating signs: Pinecones from Michaels and Signs from Party City; Wedding broom: AKZMeDesigns on Etsy.com; Custom programs: Olive Branch Papery; Custom flower girl dress: Beane & Co.; RIng Bearer Pillow: Michael Angela (our actual pillow is their latest advertisement – so cool!) Wedidng officiant: April Beer.

black and white damask wedding ceremony outdoor wedding purple wedding

More handmade goodness from our wedding.

purple and white outdoor wedding fall wedding purple bridesmaids damask wedding

By far the sweetest moment of my life thus far! (And The Dog made an appearance!)

Reception Details

damask wedding reception white rose centerpiece ideas purple wedding lighting

The damask table clothes were one of my favorite details!

wedding dessert table purple and damask wedding ideas

The surprise dessert tabe on the way out was a real "treat" for guests. We're still getting calls about how yummy the sweets were. Though we never got to taste any

Custom wedding cake: Rudy’s Pastry Shop; Custom wedding guestbook: Woodberry Design Studio; Wedding photo booth stick props: Signs (Maro Designs), Pink mustaches (Whisker Works), Assorted Stick props (Little Retreats); Custom favor box labels: Designs Squared; Dessert Table Favors and Design: Treats In a Box; Purple dessert boxes: Ebay.com; Monogrammed L-O-V-E mugs: Anthropologie; Purple lighting, percussionist, and saxophone player: DTR Entertainment (ask for Dave!); Custom Gobo design: Olive Branch Papery.

purple wedding reception at the stonehouse at stirling ridge charli and gibran

Another great moment: crying in my dad's arms while we dances to Whitney Houston's "One Moment In Time" -- tissues, please!

damask wedding DIY wedding photo booth idea stick photo props

The biggest hit of the night, by far. There was actually a line for it most of the night. And the memories are priceless keepsakes for us.

All fabulous photo credits go to Diana and Jeff of Di Bezi Photography

I want to extend one more very special thank you to all of my fabulous vendors. You guys ROCKED!

If you want details on anything or anyone else, just send me an e-mail through the blog. I’d be happy to help.

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