Karma’s Cute New Holiday Coat

houndstooh dog coat yorkie in coat

Each year around the holidays I break the norm and buy Karma ONE piece of clothing. I never wanted to be one of those women who dresses up her dog like a baby, so I usually just get her something practical and chic like a sweater or hoodie. This year I splurged on a houndstooth coat. It is too cute to handle. I found this little belted cape coat on The Limited’s website a few weeks ago. Each year they make one or two items for dogs that coordinates with an outfit from their winter line. (For those who want their dogs to be divas like them, I guess.) I’ve never gone that far, but when I saw this, I won’t lie, I did buy it for her because I wished they had one for sale for me. It’s been a hit everywhere she goes – like an out of control hit! – and people keep asking where I got it. So, now you know. Only problem is, rumor has it this haute little doggie number sold out in two days. Sorry folks! If I find something else like it, I’ll let you know.

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You Do Not Need A DJ To Dedicate A Song to the One You Love

Tonight after work I was taking a nap on the couch and Gibran woke me up out of nowhere and stuck his iPod ear buds in my ear and told me he was dedicating this song to me. He requested I listen to every single word as I lay there. I did, and it brought me to tears. Sometimes it’s really just the smallest things that truly remind you why you chose to marry the person staring at you from across the room. Why you chose them and no one else and why you vowed to be true to them and them only. I just sniffed and balled my way through one of those small moments in life, and so I wanted to share the song. It’s called “Stop This World” by Ne-Yo, who’s really incredibly underrated as an artist. And, if you haven’t heard this song yet, and you’re a sucker for love ballads like we are, I’m guessing it’s going to be your new musical obsession of the moment. Enjoy – I sure the hell did!

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Why I Am Sleeping On The Couch (For Now!)

We’re not fighting. I don’t wish I were somewhere else or with someone else. I just want to get a good night’s sleep! Gibran and I have been living together for five years, and we still haven’t been able to successfully merge our sleeping styles. During my BG (Before Gibran) life I was someone who needed four things to get a good night’s sleep: 1. Darkness. 2. Light music. 3. A good mattress. 4. SPACE. My AG (After Gibran) years have proven to only provide me with a fourth of what I need to get a solid six hour of sleep. (We splurged on a great mattress from day one.) Gibran needs to fall asleep watching something lame on TV (like the weather channel or FOX news) and he likes to leave it on in the background throughout the night. Plus, he likes to leave on a light and he couldn’t stay still at night if he had on a straight jacket.

Now, I’ve tried over and over again to take one for the team, but to no avail. I’ve given up my light background music in favor of TV, hoping to wait him out and turn it off when he falls asleep. But he wakes up as I pressed the power button, protests, and turns it right back on. I purchase one eye-mask after another to block out the glare of the TV and the lamp, but Karma finds it amusing to bite and pull at them as I try to fall asleep, then steal ‘em after I’m completely knocked out.  I’ve even tried to hold my own and keep my side of the bed safe from Gibran’s kicking legs and flailing arms, but both The Man and The Dog like to sleep spread eagle, so in a queen-sized bed that doesn’t leave much room for me.

So now as I grow more and more frustrated with having dreams of freak weather incidents and waking up sore from sleeping in a small corner of the bed wedged between a dog and my husband, and more and more anxious to spend a huge chunk of our savings on a king sized bed, blackout curtains, and noise-reducing headphones, I find myself spending more and more time on the couch.  There it may be small, but it’s quiet, dark, and ultimately peaceful. Problem is, my husband feels like I’m bailing on our bedroom. Maybe I am. Do I suck for that? Probably, but in my opinion, not being able to recall the last time I slept peacefully through the night without being loaded up on red-wine sucks way more.

Any more wives out there couch-bound come bedtime? Should I book it back to my bedroom? Pick a side! It’d be nice to know I’m not alone here…

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A Photographic Look Back At Our Awesome Honeymoon in Maui (and Vegas!)

Our Honeymon in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort

Hula dancing, oversized drinks, underwater cameras, and beautiful beaches in Maui.

Our Las Vegas Honeymoon at The Aria

Big meals, wins, and lights in our Vegas stopover at the lovely Aria hotel.

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Our Wedding Announcement Is In The New York Post Today

Remember that exciting news I mentioned on FB the other day? Well here it is. Our wedding is featured in today’s edition of the New York Post! Here’s the clip for anyone who can’t get to a newsstand.

Charli Penn and Gibran Watkins Wedding Announcement in The New York Post

Our wedding announcement in the New York Post. Loving our 30 seconds of fame!

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Bliss on Big Beach in Maui

Another stolen moment from our honeymoon. I love this clip because we look happy, relaxed, and MARRIED! LOL!

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