The Big Fight Over How to File Our Taxes

I would be lying if I said I didn’t see this one coming, but I guess I thought it would go down a lot smoother than it has. For the past month, The Man and I have been ignoring a little underlying tax tension in this house. Now that we’re married we must share the filing process, and though we’ve been together for seven years that’s not something we’ve ever really talked that much about with each other before. In the past he filed his (usually super early and fast!) and I filed mine (days before that damn deadline), end of story. We didn’t share much other than how much money we were getting back. Now that the experts say when you’re married it’s best you file together we’re faced with our first big challenge as husband and wife: We must somehow agree to disagree over money. Not an easy situation.

Without going into all of the details I’ll say that the main issue is that he wants to file separately and I want to file jointly. Our tax styles don’t exactly jive they way they should. Any other year The Man would go to HR Block, let one of their “experts” help him get the most back and he’d come home with a nice chunk of change headed his way before Valentine’s Day. Any other year I, The Wife, would go purchase the latest turbo tax CD, follow the instructions on the screen, and then cross my fingers that I break even when it was all said and done. If I got back anything at all it was enough to buy a pair of overpriced shoes, maybe, so I didn’t ever feel a rush to file. Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Red Velvet Cupcakes, The Longest Married Couple, A Futuristic Love Letter, And More! (The Love Recap Addition!)

red velvet cupcakes handmade card longest married coupleIt’s Fab Posts Friday! (AKA link love day!) I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too!

On The Truth About Relationships a single girl’s Love Letter To My Future Husband was the sweetest and most beautifully written Valentine’s Day post I read.

Get to know the world’ longest married couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher in a feature over on brand new blog Young, Black, & Married.

This week stylish couple Charles and Johanna over at Wear and Where took a break from bringing readers the hottest his and her fashions around to share a look at their super sweet Valentine’s Day Night At Home. (She made the cheddar biscuits and broccoli and he made the card! To cute!)

Found a yummy recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes from wifey blogger Holly this week on Becoming Mrs. Allan. (She stopped by my wife blogger community to share it! Join us there for regular link shares any time.)

Over at Kevin and Amanda the happy couple recaps their Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway in Savannah, Georgia, and yes, the pictures will make you jealous.

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The Dog Has Her First Big Interview

Karma the Yorkie on Project Dog
Our fur baby is a star in the making. After getting noticed by People Magazine Pets on Twitter last year she’s now gone on to be the latest furstar featured on Project Dog! (We’re so proud!) Stop by and show her some comment love won’t ya’?

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What Does Your Refrigerator (Decor) Say About You?

What's On Our Refrigerator

There are a lot of ways a couple can express themselves inside their place. Over at Club Broad St. (as we like to call our apartment) we do so on our fridge mostly. I think you can tell a lot about a person or a couple from what they put on their refrigerator door. (Disclaimer: There is nothing scientific about what I’m about to say, but I bet you’ll find some truth to it!) For instance: If there’s nothing on the front of the fridge, they’re probably totally Type A, organized, neat freaks. If it’s filled corner-to-corner with family photos and pictures of all sorts, they’re most likely closeted hoarders (like us!) who are big on family and friendship (and/or have an awesome camera!). If it’s filled with things like lists, notes, menus, or coupons, they’re probably trying to make a change of some kind in their lives. I could go on and on about what other people’s refrigerators tell me, but instead I’ll just analyze ours.

our refrigerator style ideas magnetsWhat Our Fridge Says About Us

We’re a little messy. (That full page magazine clipping brushes the door every time we open it, yet neither of us has made any effort to move it up in the two years it’s been posted there.)

We love the kids, even though we don’t have our own yet. (Notice pictures and reminders of cute babies, just not all of the same one?)

We order in way more than we cook. (I see more easy-access menus than recipes, don’t you?)

We travel a lot. (There’s a little collection of vacation magnets going on in case you missed it.)

We can poke fun at ourselves. (My “I’m really a size 10, but I just keep it covered in fat so it won’t get scratched” magnet is true and hilarious each and every time I read it.) Continue reading

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Calling All New York Newlyweds: Wanna Audition For The Newlywed Game?

Newlywed Game Casting Call New York CityOur wedding officiate just tipped us off that there will be an open casting call coming up in New York City for GSN’s new version of The Newlywed Game, hosted by The View co-host Sherri Shepard. A game show where knowing everything about each other wins you prizes? Um, yeah count us in! If you’re nearby here are the casting call details. We’ll see you in line – GAME ON!


WHEN: Saturday February 26th from 12-3p.m.

WHERE: NEP Penn Studios (33rd St. between 6th and 7th Ave.) New York, NY

BRING: A copy of your marriage license, photo I.D., and your spouse

WHY? Because what could be more fun than winning stuff for being all in your husband’s business?

If you can’t make it but are wishing you could, contact for more info!

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Wife Gripe: How Much Time Does Your Husband Spend With His Friends?

men video games

My girlfriends and I discuss SO many of the ups and downs of dating and love and marriage that the conversation never gets old. It does however repeat itself every so often when certain topics just keep coming up! To me, that makes them hot, very hot! So I’m going to start expanding the conversations here to see what other women have to say on the topics. Today, let’s vent about his “boys”, how much time he spends with them and whether or not you ever get a little jealous! Sound good? Okay, I’ll start!

I honestly have to admit that The Man does an incredible job with the balancing act right now. He sees his friends plenty, but I would never complain that he doesn’t spend enough time with me. He makes a point of giving me an advanced heads up on potential “guy’s nights” in advance and asks if I’d be disappointed if he left me to my own devices on a Friday night. He racks up cool points in that department daily! So much so that I’ve even decided that until we have children I’m actually okay with him staying out all night with them when necessary. (Shocking, I know!) I’m not sure I find a 30-year-old man “getting trashed” playing video games and talking sports with his friends then passing out on their couch to be the most mature behavior, but I’ve learned quickly in my marriage that you really must pick your battles and this isn’t a war I care to wage. Continue reading

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