Guest Post: Riding In Cars With Newlyweds

Our good friends Summer and Matt (who recently moved here!) have been getting quite their daily dose of newlyweds hanging with us. So much so, in fact, that Summer (who’s not only my dear friend but also a fabulous writer) decided to write about their experiences with us and drop by Man Wife and Dog. This is hilarious and honest and I couldn’t wait to share. Give it a read and don’t forget to leave her some comment love!

It’s wonderful when you have great friends like Charli and Gibran (AKA The Wife and The Man). Not only did they scope out a new apartment for me after I decided to come back to the East Coast, they’ve helped me move in, taken me shopping a gazillion times, AND made it a point to give me key insights about my new neighborhood that I would have missed (like which grocery stores to avoid, where to find the closest Target, and how to get cheap furniture that doesn’t look, well cheap). But what they didn’t prepare me for is what it means to be a passenger in their marriage on a weekly basis.

You see, you gain a certain perspective when you’re that single person who (literally) climbs into the backseat of the car and follows what appears to be a day in the life of an average newlywed couple. Oh sure, it’s all hearts and roses before the key goes into the ignition, but after that? All bets are off. For example, both me and my guy learned this last weekend when we all decided (yet another) trip to IKEA was required. Mind you, Charli is still in the throes of a full-on apartment makeover (see the pics here) whereas I’d just be happy to have a place to put my clothes that isn’t a plastic bin. As you all know, C and G have an ongoing battle over who’s a better driver, and it didn’t take very long for this topic to come up.

“Baby, you need to get over,” Gibran began, his eyes narrowed as the exit sign for IKEA loomed ahead.

“I am!” Charli chirped with irritation, her hands clenching the steering wheel as she continued her verbal tour in one big breathy rush.

“So Sums (that’s me), this is the mall I told you about. It’s got EVERYTHING – Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Sephora -“


“I gots! Do YOU want to drive? ‘Cuz I can pull over right now if you want me to.”

“Just honk your horn and get over already!”

It sounds a lot worse than it is (keep in mind Charli and Gibran are really funny – kinda like Dionne and Murray from Clueless minus the valley girl accents), but it just illustrates the constant jib, jabs, and “gentle” corrections most couples lob at each other daily. On the outside it looks like they’re fighting, but when you’re part of the inner circle and REALLY listen, it actually translates into something that sounds like this. Continue reading

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Hey Friends I Need Your Votes This Weekend!

Morning readers! Happy Saturday!!!!!

I need a few seconds of you time today and your support for sure. I made It to the consolation Three For All Championships in the Stunner Blog Tournament on Thank Q, For Common Sense! and I need some vote love this weekend. The best post wins and I’m getting killed right now and that’s no good. Ya’ll know I’m competitive. SO, stop what you’re doing right now click here and vote (poll in right sidebar) for Man Wife and Dog Blog now. I’d really appreciate it. Oh, and share it with a friend or two if you can. Thanks!! Voting ends Monday at 7pm PST. Thanks so much!!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Quick April Fools Day DOs and DONTs For Married Couples

April Fools Day Prank Dos and Don'tsIt’s April Fools Day, and this morning I got my husband really good. I’m especially proud of this since he’s a tough one to fool because he knows me better than anyone and I’m a terrible, terrible liar. Since I spent all week trying to concoct the perfect prank to play on my husband I’ve thought of all the good and bad scenarios that can come from pranking your spouse. And so I present my handy little list of dos and don’ts for all those who haven’t tried yet. (Don’t worry there’s still time!)


Be cautious of where he or she is before you play an evil prank on them. For example: it’s not a good idea to startle them with (fake) horrible news while they’re driving, walking near train tracks, or already drinking.

Try to pull off your prank sooner rather than later. The more you let the day drag on the more likely it is that someone else has gotten he or she already and they won’t fall for your well-planned (but late) prank.

Keep their feelings in mind. For example: if you’re trying to have a baby, but haven’t been successful, it’s not a good idea to pretend you just saw two pink lines. OR, avoid pretending your hurt or sick because they care about you deeply and will instantly worry. There’s nothing funny about that.


Play a prank on them while they’re at work. If you must do it over the phone at least wait until they take a lunch break or are on their way to or from the job. This is because if your prank doesn’t go as planned you could wind up potentially running their day or getting them in trouble. PLUS, there’s always that small chance that they’ll get another call or get called into a meeting before you have a chance to tell them you were kidding. Both situations could be disastrous. Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: 5 Reasons Not To Like Tyler Perry Movies, Pregnancy Pranks, Sticky Buns, and More!

Sticky Buns Recipe Chicken Piccata Pantone Colors Tyler Perry Movie

I read these posts this week and loved them, so I bet you will too! Welcome to Link Love Day on Man Wife and Dog Blog! (Be sure to leave some comment love and tell ‘em I sent you!)
Like to cook or bake and love to play pranks? Pick any one of these 7 April Fool’s Day Treats and Recipes from Pizzazerie to get your sneaky on.
Ever considered faking a pregnancy to the hubs for a good prank on April Fool’s Day? Read this recap of one wife’s big gag before you do: Here’s I’m Pregnant, April Fools! from The Dating Divas.
The Man and I watch a lot of movie, but rarely one made by Tyler Perry. I’m proud of his success but disappointed in his idea of “entertainment”. I could go on and on about this but I don’t need to because my girl over at (Not) So Single puts it best in 5 Reasons Why I Hate Tyler Perry Movies. A must read if you are also not a fan.
In Dear 1 Bedroom Apartment over on Being Mrs. Jones a wife pens a love letter to the apartment her family made so many memories in as she and her husband and their daughter complete their first big move. So sweet! Continue reading
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I Am Happy My Husband Has A Work Wife (Really!)

work wife work husband tina fey 30 rock alec baldwin

Sadly, most of us spend more time at work than we do at home, therefore whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em the truth is your co-workers are really kind of like family. It’s taken me awhile to get used to the idea but I honestly don’t spend half as much time with my husband as the women he works with do. Some are friend and some are foe but I rest easy knowing that he’s smart enough to know the difference. I also take comfort in knowing that when I can’t be there for him at work his “work wife” has things pretty much covered. I call this woman (who shall remain nameless but certainly knows who she is) his work wife because I believe she’s on his side and I appreciate all the little things she does for him; things like bring him the occasional lunch, check on him if he’s running late, and perhaps most importantly, keep an eye on the women who want a little more than friendship from him. They clicked in the beginning and they’ve grown close. I’ve met her countless times and she’s equally as kind to me when I’m around – she and her boyfriend even came to share in our joy at our wedding. Continue reading

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How to Play Your Marriage Like the Lottery

lottery ticket stock imageLast night I started begrudgingly tossing all of the Mega Millions tickets my husband and I stocked up on last week when we were hoping that we’d be the lucky ones to take home $314M. It’s always more fun buying the tickets than it is checking them isn’t it? The Man always takes it harder than I do although I spend more time planning out what we’d do with our imaginary millions. As we read about the big winner in New York and tossed those little peach papers in the trash I thought to myself, just because we aren’t jackpot winners that doesn’t mean we can’t keep being lucky in love. Then this crazy brain of mine went a step further (of course) and started thinking just how much the game of marriage can be like a game of chance – if you really think about it. And, another addition to my little Marriage How-To Guide was born!

A Guide To Playing The Game Of Marriage Just Like You Play The Lotto

Hope and believe! You play the lottery with the belief that there’s a good chance you might come out a winner, so enter into your marriage with the belief that you’ll win at it. Translation: Stay positive!

Trust your gut! When you really don’t feel you have a chance of winning, or your gut tells you that “your numbers” aren’t due for awhile, you don’t play them. That’s your gut saving you a buck or two. Translation: When it comes to your marriage, using the same instincts can save you from a fight or two.

Don’t ever quit! All is not fair in lottery or love. Sometimes you hit, and sometimes you don’t, but does that ever stop you from playing? Translation: Marriage will undoubtedly have its highs and lows but a smart player never quits the game. Continue reading

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