30 GREAT SUMMER DATES: 5 Reasons You Need Karaoke Therapy

wife performing karaoke in private roomWe’re back with another great date idea to keep you both busy this summer. Ever tried private karaoke? If not, you should, like next weekend. On a Friday night The Man and I teamed up with a few friends and rented a private room at a nearby karaoke hotspot and seriously blew sang off some steam. It had been a nutty, nutty week and we needed to release. What better way than through song? Still not convinced it’s for you? Here are six more arguments to make our case:

1. Dedicating A Song to The Person You Love Is Even More Romantic When You’re Singing It

2. It’s A Great Way to Combine Date Night With Catching Up With Friends

3. It’s Cheaper Than You Think And Most Packages Come With Unlimited Drinks

karoake at pulse new york city

4. No Judgments, No Boos!

5. “Your Song” Has To Be In That Catalog Somewhere

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Meet A Wife Monday: Mommy Blogger Angela Stops By (With A Fab Mantra!)

Meet A Wife Monday Angela from Keeping Up With the Joneses Blog 1Drumroll, please! Meet A Wife Mondays has returned!

As you know, a lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week meet mommy blogger Angela from the blog Keeping Up With the Joneses!

The Wife: Angela, 29

The Man: Joshua, 31

But You Can Call Them: The Joneses

How She Snagged Him: “In college he greeted me with sarcasm. I greeted him back with more sarcasm. Then, he said he loved food and I said I could cook. But my stove was broken so he offered to cook for me instead. Needless to say food and banter is a large part of our relationship.”

Married Since: 10.18.08

The Kid: Joshua II, 5 months

The Dog: Torey, a moody Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix, 4 years old

Place They Call Home: “A lovely 3 bedroom townhome in the suburbs of Orlando.”

How She Pays the Bills: Ph.D. Student/Adjunct Instructor

How He Pays the Bills: Marketing Director

What Makes Her Man Hot: “His sense of humor, his love for family, his intellect…oh I could go on and on but I’m only allowed to mention three things.” Continue reading

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Mourning Our Old Anniversary

The other day I felt like something was missing from my July. It took me a few days to put a finger on it. Why did this month feel emptier than usual? Crazy work schedule? Nope, that’s pretty typical with every job I’ve had. Because I’ve been a little ill? Nah, I’m a trooper. So what the heck was bugging my July, I thought? Then, boom, it hit me. Gibran and I met on July 17th. The anniversary buzz was gone! Before we got married this time of year was always filled with excitement over what big anniversary fun was to come. The Man always had a surprise in store for me and I would always pretend not to remember it was coming just to make the day all the more special when it came around.

When we got married we had a discussion on the plane to Hawaii for our honeymoon about which anniversaries we would want to celebrate moving forward. After a brief back and forth about the meaning of a date we decided to go the traditional route and embrace 10.17.10 as our new special day. I was 100 percent cool with that until now. I didn’t think I’d miss celebrating July 17th but I do, very much so in fact.

Tomorrow will make seven years since the day we first met our destinies. That’s still special to me, and I can’t let go of that. In fact, as I write this post, I’m thinking I’ll pull a little something together just for the two of us to do to celebrate tomorrow. Maybe a drive to one of our favorite quiet places, or maybe we’ll turn off the navigation in the car and just get lost together. Anything that’s a throwback tribute to the beginnings of “us” will do. Stay tuned for those details.

Until tomorrow, I’ll reminisce through photos from past anniversary celebrations. Up top is from our fourth anniversary. My now-hubby surprised me with a trip to The Foxwoods Casino resort in the mountains of Connecticut. Back then we would always laugh once we realized we packed the same color clothing. (Matching was never intentional!) Down below is a photo from our first-year anniversary. We went for the thrill rides and the zoo animals at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Sigh…love old photos…my how we’re growing (together, thank God!).

Do you celebrate two anniversaries? Maybe three? What are your special holidays?

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A New Sex Game For Married Folks You May Not Want to Play

the forty beads bookI overheard two women giddily talking about something called the “forty beads” game in line at Dunkin Donuts the other day and using the word “sex” quite frequently in the conversation. I seriously couldn’t wait to google what the heck these women were so damn happy about. I’m thinking, is there some new sex board game out or something?

Nope, note quite. It’s actually a new book by Carolyn Evans called Forty Beads; The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage that offers a token system for married couples who want to improve (or save) their sex life. The “game” goes as follows: Your man gets forty beads that he’s allowed to give to his wife one at a time. He’s supposed to give her one every time he’s horny and his wife must in turn respond within 24 hours with sex. Yup, those are the rules. Evans claims, “There’s nothing to fight about when everybody is happy with their sexual situation.” Wow, if it were only that simple.

The book’s website promises: “The Method dissolves the negative tension that builds around sex in a marriage and replaces it with the sex life you always thought you should have, which in turn creates the relationship you’ve always wanted.”

I had quite a few initial reactions to this “theory”. The first was why don’t women get forty beads? We want some lovin’ sometimes too! Plus I’d love to hand my husband a bead that means take out the garbage and go to the bank by the end of the day and just be able to relax knowing that’s all it would take to make him get it done.

My second thought was, who the hell decided 24 hours was the maximum time frame a man could go without sex before it starts creating drama? Really? Just a day? I can think of at least 10 perfectly acceptable reasons off the top of my head that would cause a couple not to have sex for at least a week, sans drama. Can’t you? But lastly, I wondered if in fact my husband would agree with the thinking behind this so-called-game. So when I got home I asked him about it…

His reaction: “What if I give you two beads? Does that mean you have only 12 hours instead?” And there you have it, just what I ultimately suspected… Continue reading

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Q: Do You Talk Everything Out?

I’ve been behind on blogging and on responding to the mail I get in my box. (Sorry girls!) I got an interesting email from someone (who shall remain nameless, per her request) the other day that I’d like to respond to here on the blog. A wife messaged me complimenting me on my openness on the blog and asking if my husband and I talk all of our problems out the way I describe on the blog, and if so when we find the time. She shared with me that so many times she’s too busy being a wife and a mother to make time to say what’s really on her mind. I think her question is a great one and I want to address it here just in case my answer can resonate with anyone else who might read this.

Yes, my husband and I do “share” a lot and we try our best to “talk all of our problems out” but I don’t know that talking is the answer to everything. We used to discuss things until we were blue in the face because we agreed to always be “communicators” but over time we’ve learned there’s an art to successfully keeping the lines of communication open without overkill. What I mean is that there are some things that a simple look can handle, and nothing more is needed. For instance, my husband likes to chat (a lot) and if I’m annoyed with his “friendliness” with the store clerk I can just flash him this look while we’re at the counter and he knows exactly what’s on my mind. By the time we’re leaving the store he’s usually saying something like “sorry babe, you know I can’t shut up” or “I was just trying to see if she could give us a discount”. My one look replaced the whole “baby I need to tell you something” moment where I say (yet again!) that there’s a thin line between friendly and flirting and he’s dancing on it. Could I say all of that? Sure! Do I need to? Nope. The Look yields the same results. I’ve also left him a note on the mirror in the morning saying something like, “what you did last night wasn’t cool” or “you suck, but I still love you”. In both cases I feel like I expressed my feelings in a way he could understand without monopolizing the time we have together with a full blown discussion neither of us had the time or energy for. Continue reading

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Good, Better, Best: Could Your Marriage Use A Boost?

three generations of womenI’ve had a really tough week so far and I’m not going to lie to you, I’m waiting for Friday like you can’t believe it. I won’t go into what made this week one of the worst in a long time, but I will say I was very much in need of a confidence boost by the time Wednesday hit.

When my big sister sent me this photo she found in her stash it was so right on time. (Thanks Tanya!) It’s a photo of me, my mother, and my grandmother that was taken shortly before my mother passed away. (Note: this was the early 90s people, so don’t judge my coat too harshly.) They were absolutely two of the strongest women I ever knew and although they took the early flight to heaven years ago I’m still inspired every day by the mark they left on my world.

My grandma would always say to me: “Good, better, best. Don’t ever let it rest until your good is better and your better is best!” I wasn’t even good this week, so it looks like I have quite a bit of work cut out for me to do better and hopefully have my best week yet. I smirk every time I catch myself saying this aloud. I can’t remember whether I’ve ever shared it with my husband but I plan to tonight. It applies to marriage on so many levels. Even when your marriage is good, could it be better? Are you at your best? They are questions we shouldn’t obsess over, but we should certainly make a point of asking ourselves at least occasionally. The Man and I said we’d be better than ever for 2011 when we made our New Year’s resolutions. The year is halfway done and I can’t even check a third of them off our list. (The shame!) So, yeah we’re good, but we can be better, and we’re certainly not doing our best right now. So grandma, I hear you, and I hope you’re watching because please believe my best our best is yet to come, promise!

Could you use a little good, better, best, mantra motivation in your day-to-day. Try it!

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