Meet A Wife Monday: Oklahoma Wife and Mommy Kanesha Stops By

Drumroll, please! Meet A Wife Mondays has returned, for good this time I’m hoping! Note: If you know great wives who want to share their love stories and advice, please pass along my email. Would love to have them stop by. Thanks!

Now as you know, a lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week meet wife and mommy Kanesha and her man!

The Wife: Kanesha, 20

The Man: Chris, 35

But You Can Call Them: The Morrisons

How She Snagged Him: “I had a car that was always messing up on me, and he worked for Auto Zone. He sold me ‘his parts’.”

Married Since: Wedding Date June 25, 2009

The Kids: “We have a 2 year old name Sakai and we are pregnant with another boy now, due September 25. His name will be Zabario.”

Place They Call Home: “We live in our home in Oklahoma City, OK”

How She Pays the Bills: Stay at home mom

How He Pays the Bills: Auto Zone store manager

What Makes Her Man Hot: His work ethic, the love he has for his family, and the fact that he wears a uniform. (I love a man in a uniform!) Continue reading

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Study Says: He’ll Ditch You If You Get Fat (Grow Up Guys!)

Okay in recent what-the-hell-is-with-people news, a recent study revealed that 50 percent of men polled say they would dump their partner for putting on extra pounds. Full disclosure: I battle with my weight constantly, so I could be slightly biased (and/or bitter).

Now, back to business. Only 20 percent of women said they would ditch their heavier significant other. Seriously, people? I think what’s perhaps most surprising is that unlike a lot of little studies we see mentioned in the news, this one actually polled 70,000 people – so we’re talking about a lot of superficial and ridiculously delusional husbands and boyfriends here.

This is just sad to me. Will a wife love you any less because she can’t resist a second brownie or some McDonald’s French fries? NO! Will a wife support you any less because she drinks more soda than she should and can never quite make it to that yoga or pilates class? NO! Hearing this makes me wonder just what “love” means to a man. Does loving a man mean you most stay fit or stay true? Doing both is awesome, but should certainly not be a requirement. Continue reading

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Dear Husband: Don’t You Dare Stop Believing

Dear Man,

It’s been awhile since I wrote to you, but I saw a look on your face the other night during our weekly money meeting that made me cringe a little, and I’ve been thinking about it so much since then I just had to write to you about it.

You and I were trying to figure out how to save up for your new car, our big trip to Europe, and a proper anniversary celebration, and the numbers weren’t crunching quite the way we’d hoped. I smiled and said, “we’ll get there”, but for a second you looked as if you almost didn’t believe we would. I don’t see that look on your face too often.

Baby, please don’t stop dreaming because the road to Dreamville gets a little bumpy. I know it’s discouraging, believe me. I don’t always see the road we’ll take to get to where we want to go but I never stop believing there will be another road sign coming up to guide us. Just keep looking up the road with me, okay? Continue reading

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What Made Him Marriage Material?

heartsThe other day I posed a question on Twitter and Facebook that wound up being a very popular one. The question: What’s the number one reason you married your spouse? I knew it would be a tough one – it’s hard to pick just one top reason you love your soul mate – but I heard some great answers none the less. I shared that my reason was because I realize my husband was and is my true best friend. That has always been something that means more than words to me.

Life won’t always be easy. When times are tough and trying, it’s important to have a true friend by your side. Yes, he’s my husband, but he’s also the one person in this entire world who completes me, understands me, and makes a bad day okay, often instantly. Because he’s my best friend he always tells me the truth, whether I like it or not, he knows what I’m thinking before I even part my lips, and he knows how to make me happy when no one else can.

I could write a laundry list of reasons my husband was and is 100 percent marriage material but I’d much rather hear your top reasons, and share some of the awesome ones that were already shared with me. So ladies, if you had to name your top reason for marrying your husband what would it be? And why was that most important to you? Is it why you said yes when he asked you to be his wife?

Some of my favorite “reasons” that were shared:

Taiisha Bradley said: “He has loved me since I was a kid! 17 years chasing me, lol”

Andrea Kane said: “Because together we are complete.”

Kim Ulmanis said: “His bad-ass sense of humor. I need someone who can keep up with my sarcastic banter and he can.”

Okay, your turn. List one, if you can. ;-)

P.S. Jocelyn over at Science of Marriage Blog does a great recurring round up of Reasons She Married Her Husband and it’s a must read. Check it out now and tell her Man Wife and Dog sent you, okay?

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Ultimate Style Challenge for Bloggers (Deadline Extended)

Hey ladies! Wanted to share this fun opportunity with you before it slips my mind again. is sponsoring a summer style showdown for bloggers and the winner will receive up to $700 worth of select clothing from their site. Um, how awesome is that? Details below, plus I’m sharing my entry so you can see what’s required. Hurry, contest ends this week!


We’re inviting you to compete in the ultimate summer style showdown! is asking you to take part in our first-ever Summer Style Challenge. Each blogger is asked to curate and compose a style inspiration board utilizing some of our tops lines, including Hollywood faves like White+Warren, Chan Luu and Velvet. Once your submissions have been completed and emailed back to us, we will then whittle it down to 3 finalists who will then be voted on by our Facebook fans.

1. Limit one entry per blogger
2. Inspiration Boards should be 400×400 pixels in size
3. All products featured in your board MUST be items currently for sale on

The winning blogger with the most votes will receive (3) items or up to $700 worth of select clothing or accessories from their style board and will be highlighted on our homepage. One lucky Facebook fan will also be randomly chosen to receive a $100 gift certificate from (Note: Curated boards should be creative, imaginative, and clearly express each blogger’s unique sense of style.)

If you’re interested in participating, please review the attached terms and conditions, fill out and sign the attached release form, and email the scanned registration form back to me to confirm your registration. All selected finalists will be alerted prior to the launch of the contest and are encouraged to promote their entries via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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The Tale Of The NOT SO Great Summer Date

couples kayaking with delaware river tubing gone wrong

I was so bored and miserable I snapped this photo while I sat there playing with my iPhone.

This post will probably be a bit painful for me to write because the thought of reliving the experience my husband and I had over the weekend even once more kind of makes me cringe. So listen up closely because I know I won’t ever want to tell this one again.

On Sunday The Man and I set off to have what we thought would be a great day outdoors. In honor of their birthdays we’d agreed to go kayaking with our friends Matt and Summer. Even though Man can’t swim we figured it would be pretty safe and fun for all. Plus, I thought it’d make a great addition to our 30 Great Summer Dates Series (which I’m admittedly a little behind on these days). Boy were we wrong!

We hit the water, all still well in the world, and within minutes we realized we had a major problem on our hands. As good as we are together most days, as it turns out we are lacking some serious tools in our teamwork toolbox. As Summer and Matt right-left paddled in unison on by us and down the river, we sat there spinning in circles and quickly growing frustrated and irate. Things went from okay to oh-shit in a matter of minutes.

Every time I tried to paddle, Man flipped out and told me to stop because it was my paddling causing us to get nowhere. Each time he lost it, I’d take a breath, then try to keep my cool while I let him simmer down some. Then I’d try my hand at joint paddling again, only to quickly be shut down by my now-fuming husband who was convinced my paddle skills were poor. Funny thing is, I didn’t say so but the whole time I’m thinking to myself that he’s the one who could have used one more paddling tutorial before we hopped in the kayak. It was hot out there and we kept spinning into creepy embankments, swatting dragon flies, and getting stuck on large protruding branches; making snide remarks the whole time as group after group passed us by. Continue reading

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