Great Fall Date: Apple and Pumpkin Picking Is A Must

apple picking new jersey best apple picking wightman's farms

With my basket and apparatus in hand, I was ready to pick some apples!

Honestly, I could go on and on about how romantic, relaxing, and all-around fun it is to go pick apples and pumpkins with the person you love. However, you know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. So here are 10,000 words or so to convince you! (Wink!) Note: We went to Wightman’s Farms in Morristown, New Jersey!

Apple picking wightman's farms new jersey

The good stuff, this way!

my husband apple picking at wightmans farms new jersey


apple picking wightmans farm new jersey

Got one!

wightmans farms new jersey apple picking pumkin picking

A picturesque setting...

hay ride wightmans farms new jersey

We hopped a hay ride down to the pumpkin patch after picking all the apples our baskets could hold.

pumpkin patch wightmans farms new jersey

Lots of pumpkins for the pickin'...

pumpkin patch wightmans farms new jersey

pumpkin patch pumpkin picking wightmans farms new jersey

We shall decorate these!

Wanna go yet? Thought so! It’s not too late…two more weekends left in the season — hurry!

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HELP! I Need Your Apple Pie Recipes Fast

Yes, I am a silly wife. The silly wife who has never baked anything before and still who promised her husband that if he went apple picking with her on Sunday instead of watching football that she would bake him a “delicious pie” to have all to himself — from scratch no less. Yes, I’m that idiot.

I made a promise that Man fully intends to make me keep and I must now, somehow, deliver on it soon. This was on Sunday and I need to bake these apples before they go bad, right? Crap!

Does anyone have a foolproof recipe they stand by? I’ve been Googling, and googling, but there are just SO many!

Help, please! (I’ll save you a piece!)

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Doesn’t It Feel Good to Know You Picked the Right Man? (Thanks Beyonce!)

A little background: A few months back when Beyonce released her wedding themed video for “Best Thing I Never Had” she asked her fans to submit their own wedding photos and footage. Beyonce took the footage and had it turned into an alternative fan video for “Best Thing I Never Had” and I have to tell you, ladies, I love it even more than the original. Get ready, it’s totally a happy tears moment.

The powerful lyrics of the song combined with the images of so many happy brides who skipped the losers in favor of Mr. Right, is just so beautiful. You know, it really does feel good to know that you made the right choice in a husband – especially when you think about all the frogs you had to kiss along the way. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for surviving the two awful relationships I was in B.G. (before Gibran) and for having the common sense to know something wasn’t right and the strength to be able to tell them I’m moving on. Ladies, let’s raise our virtual glasses for a minute. To us – for picking heroes over zeroes! Doesn’t it feel good?

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Survey Says: Most Happily Married Women Will Frequently Contemplate Divorce (Do You?)

The Secret Lives of Wives bookI recently read Iris Krasnow’s Huffington Post article The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce in which she reflects on “coming off 200 interviews and two years of listening to mature wives reflect on — or moan about — how they are managing to stick it out in long marriages.” Interesting intro, no? She’s got a book coming out called The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What it Really Takes to Stay Married (out in early October). Krasnow is quick to tell you that in her many years of researching marriages, both happy and unhappy, she’s not easily surprised. That said, she found a few things worth noting this time around. Her words:

“The biggest shocker is the number of wives in stable unions who frequently contemplate fleeing their marriages. These are not abused wives; they are women with nice husbands who give them orgasms and jewelry and stability.”

Why do so many wives who admit to being content in their marriages still have one foot out the door? Krasnow can’t say for sure, but she has a hunch that it’s because they’re, well, just bored. She argues that sometimes it’s what’s not wrong, but rather what’s just too ordinary that is what makes a happy wife start to slowly unravel. After years of happy marriage, Krasnow says the mundane can create thoughts like, “Is this all there is? I want more. I want adventure. I want change.” She says that with more and more women living to be in their 80s and 90s, “us wives could easily hit our 50th wedding anniversaries and beyond. That’s a hell of a long time to sustain one love affair, particularly when empty nest hits and it’s only you and the husband with no cushion of kids as a buffer.”

I must admit this isn’t quite the kind of results and conclusions I hoped would come from such an in depth study on marriage, but the truth is the truth, right? I can’t lie, Krasnow’s thoughts on how and why we wives can feel the sudden and frequent desire for divorce doesn’t seem farfetched. When you feel like you’ve made a mistake, it’s instinctual to want a do-over. It does, however, seem like quitting – no matter how many wedding anniversary toasts a wife has made. Continue reading

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Ladies, Is He Listening or Are His “Husband Ears” Turned On?

husband ears marriage husband not listening wife not listeningYes, we woman, can and often do talk a lot about what we want and need done in our homes, our careers, and especially our marriages. Some of us more than others, but either way, communicating is most likely what we women tend to do best. That said, is the man in your life really listening, I wonder?

You see, the other day I asked Man how he could forget to grab chocolate chip cookies from Subway when the last thing I said when I left him inside to go next door to Blockbuster was “don’t forget my cookies” and the rest of the conversation went a little something like this:

MAN: Cookies!?! Baby, I didn’t hear you say that.
WIFE: But you responded “ok” and nodded like you heard me.
MAN: Yeah but I had my “husband ears” turned on then.
WIFE: What the hell are husband ears?
MAN: It’s a form of selective hearing we men often use for survival. We tune out most of what you’re saying and listen for key words like, “bills”, “sex”, “trouble”, or “help”.
WIFE: “I’m absolutely speechless. So that’s the problem?”

“Husband ears” he says, huh? It does explain why I’m always repeating myself, but it doesn’t justify him getting so angry when I do. If you’re tuning me out, how can you be bothered when I have to go on, and on, and on? What does he think will happen?

I won’t lie, I started thinking about what life would be like if I turned on my “wife ears” and what words I’d filter out and which I’d listen out for. For starters, I’d never hear the words “cooking”, “laundry”, or “grab me a beer” again. I’d be sure to never miss “shopping” or “extra cash” – ha! Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m not sure I’m cool with the whole husband ears idea – marriage isn’t a workout class – you don’t get to voluntarily opt out whenever you’re not in the mood to do it. I’m also certain that one of the qualities my husband loves most about me is that I’m attentive and a good listener. Trouble is, he’s not returning the favor in this case. No bueno!

Have you had a similar conversation with your husband? Are you dealing with a case of “husband ears”? Do you turn on “wife ears”? Is there a place for this technique in a marriage?

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Girlfriends: When His Kids Aren’t Your Kids Are You A Non-Entity?

Remember last week when I introduced Girlfriend, our new regular guest blogger, who tells it like it is in her brand spankin’ new I’m Not Married But… column on Man, Wife, and Dog Blog? Well here’s her latest installment – enjoy!

There comes a point when you grow older when you suddenly realize that vow you made never to date a divorced man or one with kids becomes somewhat difficult. After the age of 30 there’s usually a reason why a man has never been married or in a serious relationship and it’s likely not a good one. In my case, I met the Boyfriend and immediately wrote him off because he had in fact been married and had two small children. He in turn did the same with me, realizing I wasn’t the type to focus my energies on someone who in his mind had large amounts of baggage (all of which having to do with an ex-wife who doesn’t exactly function on a rational or mature playing field).

But circumstances as they were, we ended up making a go of it and a year and a half later we still are. Usually his former marriage is a non-issue, but it sometimes becomes frustrating for me when I realize while I’ve made an investment in him, my investment in his children is weak at best. Let me backtrack by saying while it goes against my mothering nature, most of this is intentional on my part: I don’t think it’s fair to either of them to play a significant role in their lives until daddy puts a ring on it. (Mommy is the type of person who defines her value by having a man in her life and has lead them down a bumpy road wherein they’ve been moved three times with her in the last year and were instructed to call her last boyfriend’s daughter their “stepsister” after four months of dating.) Continue reading

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