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You Know Why I Cannot Let My Husband Cook Unsupervised?

Because the scenario always goes a little something like this: [The Setting: I’m at work and call home to talk to The Man, who gets there hours before I do.] (Phone rings) The Man: Hello? The Wife: Hey Honey! How’s … Continue reading

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My Wedding Weight Loss Story Is On Today

If something is making it into our family scrapbook you’ll definitely hear about it here first. Today on my weight-loss journey is featured as part of a wedding weight loss piece called “These Brides Lost 50 Pounds Each For Their Wedding … Continue reading

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Your Man Says He Likes You Just the Way You Are, But Do You?

I don’t call Gibran a keeper for no reason. Lucky for me, my husband lets me be myself and each day loves me just as I am, good or bad. That’s one of the qualities I love and appreciate most … Continue reading

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