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It’s Dog’s 4th Birthday

Yes, we’re that couple. The one that loves their dog like their child because they don’t have one yet. So what? That’s what we say — love is love. So, if you agree, you should know that it’s our fur-baby’s … Continue reading

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Why Whitney Houston’s Music Is (The Other) Love of My Life

I’m such a huge Whitney Houston fan that although news of her death broke almost 24-hours ago, I’m just now pulling it together enough to attempt to write this post. Before you write me off as a fanatic, just listen. … Continue reading

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What Does Your Desk Say About Your Marriage?

Remember that time my refrigerator “décor” triggered a little reflection about how we live and run our lives? Well, it happened again – only this time it was at work. I believe that the way we decorate and arrange the … Continue reading

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Dog Needs Your Votes in the Modern Dog Magazine Holiday Photo Contest!

Hey friends! Dog needs your support. She’s a finalist in Modern Dog Magazine’s Holiday Pet Photo Contest on Facebook and she needs your votes. I promised her we’d beg you on her behalf. Can you take five for our fur … Continue reading

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Happy First Day of Summer! (4 Reasons I Love the Season)

Um, I married the man, I can gloat! Husband eye candy at its finest! Happy first day of summer ladies!!! Clearly you know what’s on my mind for the season — what’s on yours? Here’s a little music to ride … Continue reading

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Win This Look (Awesome Hair Giveaway!)

Disclaimer: If you’re not in to hair extensions skip this post, but if you are, you’re going to love me today! Okay so I needed to give my real hair some time off to grow and get healthy again so … Continue reading

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