3 Ways to Think Like a Husband, But Act Like a Wife

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In a marriage, some situations tend to feel like it’s his way versus her way. For some things, it will always be about the battle of the sexes, but what if, occasionally, doing something his way, in your own way, could actually help smooth things out? Scratching your head on this one? That’s cool. Here’s what I mean:

A Husband Would…

Have An Obsession
His months-long sports-watching rituals are a must, so why aren’t your spa weekends? Carve out regular time to do something you love, or better, to do nothing and just relax. If he would never miss a Giants game, why are you continuously skipping a mani-pedi? Think about it.

Be Upfront About Dislikes
Every husband has a list of things they’re not too keen on doing with or for you. (It’s okay, mine does too.)You know, stuff like going to the mall or picking out lamps at IKEA? Being in love doesn’t mean you have to love everything about sharing a life with your partner – just don’t fake the funk. Husbands don’t. Make it clear that you’d rather skip the Home Depot run if you give him a pass on your next trip to Trader Joes.

Be Prepared to Protect Your Home
Sometimes we wives are too quick to rely on our husband to be the sole protector of the home. Most men enjoy this role, but it can be a shared one. I’m not saying you should be the one to go “check on the noise outside” in the middle of the night, but you can take a martial arts or self-defense class (Double bonus: It’s a great workout too!), research security systems that work for your budget/home, or make sure you’re practicing safe habits at home.

Can you think of other ways to think like a husband, but act like a wife? Add to my list below!

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11 Responses to 3 Ways to Think Like a Husband, But Act Like a Wife

  1. @ShaeMonique says:

    I love this!! I actually set up for our alarm to be connected today. My husband was so proud of me!

  2. Thank, Q says:

    Charli, I've never been into the "think like a man" deal when it comes to women, but I have to admit that I love your list. As a guy, I can appreciate your list above, especially #1. I wish The Mrs. would do more but she just doesn't. I'd love for her to have a hobby or a weekend routine like I do. Some times I find myself avoiding football just because I feel badly that I'm the only one who appears to be having fun. Now, that doesn't happen very often, but I'm just saying. :)

    Again, good one!

  3. Josefina Cook says:

    This is very nice. I will definitely follow these tips, and am sure that I'll benefit from it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Shontae says:

    Great Post!
    Number One definitely hit a spot with me because I'm always 'sacrificing' something I would love because for some reason I feel selfish indulging, especially when it involves spending money. Mister will tell me all the time to go out and do something for myself that I would enjoy, and I'll fight to the last tooth not to.
    I have to stop doing that because with three kids there are surely times I would love to go and just 'do me' for a few hours every once in a while.

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    • ManWifeDog says:

      If only wives sacrificed less. I think sometimes we're the gatekeepers of our own happiness in a marriage, and we become insistent on following a routine, even when breaking it (just a little) will cost us nothing.

  5. Slim Jackson says:

    The simplicity of this post works really well. Def a good read worth sharing!

  6. ManWifeDog says:

    Thank you for the comment love and for the compliments. Share away — I appreciate it so much!

  7. Brazen says:

    We do joint gym time! Great incentive and we go together and take the kids. Not only do we both get fit, but we "go do something together" while doing our own thing, and the kids go to so we're passing on the importane of fitness to the children. :-)

  8. I love this!! I actually set up for our alarm to be connected today. My husband was so proud of me!

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