What Do Vow Renewals Mean to You? (The Seal and Heidi Conversation)

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Seal and Heidi Klum during happier times.

Say it ain’t so! Celebrity couple Heidi Klum and Seal have announced their separating after seven seemingly (emphasis on seemingly) blissful years of marriage. Although celeb couples marry and divorce faster than we can run an errand, this split shocked many. Myself included. No, it’s not because I believe that a happy marriage on the outside means the same happiness exists behind closed doors. And, it certainly not because they were a post couple for all blended families in Hollywood. Those things aside, things can and often do still go wrong. We all know that.My jaw hit the table when I heard the news mainly because when I think of Heidi and Seal I think of a couple who embraces love and marriage and who seemingly (again, emphasis on “seemingly”) pride themselves on making it work and striving to go the distance with each other no matter what. Their very public and very genuine annual vow renewals were part of what got me their, honestly.

Here we have a couple that loved each other so much they wanted to get married over and over again to celebrate it. I would read about their ceremonies and say to myself, “That’s what I’m talking about! How sweet is that?” Until this week…

When I heard about their separation announcement I immediately thought about all those vow renewals. Were the ceremonies meant to celebrate their great love, or perhaps just their own version of trying to refresh and renew something they knew was dying? When we think about vow renewals, we think of them as honoring a marriage and the time spent in it. Don’t we? Or could they ever double as something else? Maybe a final hail Mary attempt to save a flailing marriage? You must admit, it’s something to wonder. We’ll never know exactly why Seal or Heidi choose to renew their vows every year of their marriage, or just what it meant to them at that altar, but we can ask ourselves this question: When and why will I renew my vows?

On our honeymoon Man and I agreed that five would be our magic number. It’s how long we were together before he asked me to marry him and how many times we used the words promise in our wedding vows. We agreed that night on the beach in Maui that ever five years we’d go somewhere special, wear something white, and vow to continually love each other the way we first promised we always would.

What does a vow renewal mean to you? Do you find it odd that Seal and Heidi did it so often? Have you renewed your vows? Watch Seal tell Ellen DeGeneres how “shocked” even he was by he and Heidi’s decision to separate below.

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12 Responses to What Do Vow Renewals Mean to You? (The Seal and Heidi Conversation)

  1. I always find it odd when people/couples put on such a display of their "love" for each other. Personally, I think it is always more for show and keeping up appearances with others than for the couple themselves. I tell my Hubs every day that I love him – and I truly do mean that – but it's between us how we re-affirm our love and vows to each other.
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  2. @BKGurl208 says:

    I too was shocked by the news of this split…as you said they seemed to be so happy and in love every time we saw them together. Granted that was in front of cameras for public eyes but it seemed genuine to me. And even in this video of Seal on Ellen, he is sincere and heartfelt about his love for Hiedi. I'm relatively new to marriage (3 months shy of 3 yrs) so I wouldnt presume to judge another couple's marriage or the reasons for their break-up, but if there's so much love and adoration between them, why can't they work through it? If no one is abusive or cheating, then can't the rough patch be repaired? Maybe I'm just too much of a romantic.

    My husband and I agree that one day we'd like to renew our vows…no plan as to which anniversary that'll be but it's on the bucket list. Not to reaffirm our vows – we do that daily, not once a yr- but we had a kick-ass wedding day and would love to take it back our wedding destination in the Caribbean and party til like it's a the coming of the new millennia. LOL I never got the impression that the Seal and Heidi were renewing their vows for any other reason than it was their own special way of celebrating their life together. Guess we'll never know what was going on behind closed doors.

  3. I was surprised for the same reasons you stated. I just wish the best for their children. He still speaks very highly of her. Seems odd that it's over because "they grew apart". Since it clearly sounds like there's still love there, on his part anyway.
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  4. ShontaeB says:

    The separation/divorce doesnt surprise me. Nowadays, to see a couple that has been together for so long (well longer than a decade) seems rare. People take vows with the intention of being together for the rest of their lives, but somewhere along the way they find they can't.
    Mister & I have not renewed our vows. He's always said that he wants to on our tenth anniversary (8/9/12) but it's not something that really interests me. It's a cute gesture and all but I'd rather just go out for dinner and spend a night away from the Mother/Father duties. lol

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  5. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    I was surprised. And disappointed/sad {but divorce in general makes me feel that way}. Hopefully they'll work it out, whatever that means for them.

    I think vow renewals are beautiful, and a wonderful way to remind yourself and your spouse of your covenant/goals/love/dedication, and to add things to them you've picked up over the years you've been married. I definitely plan to do a vow renewal someday.
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  6. This one did sorta suprise me, maybe because they always seemed to keep their private life private… and they have been togther for a while!
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  7. Lea Dee says:

    Divorce is not that surprising nowadays but it still creates a lot of commotion. It's not about "the divorce" people are gossiping on but it's the people involved in this issue. They're celebrities that's why people see it as a big deal issue.

    Thanks for the update.

    Lea Dee
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  8. Sonia says:

    Obviously renewing their vows didn't mean much if they are headed towards divorce. I think one of the ladies from Basketball Wives (LA) does that every year too. It's all romantic I guess, but I wonder how necessary it all is. To each their own, but doing it every 10 years merits more depth than doing it every year. I wish them well because they seemed like a couple in love. Sad story.
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  9. i am famous says:

    Seal Talks About Possible Reconciliation with Heidi Klum! That was a good news to start about.
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  10. Briana 20andEngaged says:

    I was sad to hear they were splitting, and after watching this video, I just can't imagine why if they still love each other. I wonder if they tried counseling, praying, talking it out, especially with 4 children. We'll probably never know. As for vow renewals, I'd love to do one, or a few. Every year sounds romantic but I don't know if hubby would be up for it. He's not that romantic haha.
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  11. I was surprised for the same reasons you stated. I just wish the best for their children. He still speaks very highly of her. Seems odd that it's over because "they grew apart". Since it clearly sounds like there's still love there, on his part anyway.
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