The Video That Almost Made Us Make a Baby

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I know what you’re thinking. That’s quite a title, right? Yes, well, you all should know by now that I’m pretty dramatic. But seriously, it’s true. Man and I are an agreement that we’re not quite ready for parenthood just yet, but that’s never stopped us from dreaming out loud about how we imagine things will go when that time does come around. Being the dog lovers that we are, we’ve always fantasized about having the perfect baby, and allowing he or she to grow up with the perfect buddy; the big, friendly, loyal, fun, and furry kind.

Dog is our best buddy, but she’ll be too set in her ways to bond with a new member of the family. (After all, she thinks she is our baby, you know?) We often debate which kind of dog and exactly how old our future child should be when we bring him home. We go back and forth about it all the time, but one thing’s for sure, we’re both dreaming of a moment as blissful as this one. Sit back, relax, laugh, and enjoy it. Apparently 12 million other people already have.

What moment in life made you excited about becoming a parent?

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8 Responses to The Video That Almost Made Us Make a Baby

  1. PennsDiamond says:

    My moment was when my urine hit the stick and it said PREGNANT! Lol then once Mr Penn said he did it on purpose ( yes he really did) I felt even more in love Him and my baby! Then my 6 yr old baby Lil Penn who is always my heart said he was excited and couldn’t wait for the baby! So now almost 10 weeks away I’m so extra ready for my new addition. No as for my Boston Terrier Sasha I will keep u posted. Lol

  2. I don't know if it was a moment where it hit me, but a sensation came over me where I had to have a baby!! I couldn't think about anything else day or night! So I knew it was time! Sure we had played around with the idea from time to time, but when it hit me I was dead serious!! lol
    Have fun practicing until it really hits you! You will know when…..;)
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  3. Ginger says:

    Everyday when I see my adorable niece, I would say to myself.."I want one." Dogs are wonderful to be around with. Kids are the best things. Combine the two and they make a very warm addition to your home, don't you think?

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  4. We are in the exact same place. And I feel that our little monster (dog) will have issues with a baby. He is THE BABY! But we do talk about WHEN we have kids that dog will be their best buddies and we will lose him to their beds at night… My attached link is pics of out little monster.
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  5. Jelisa says:

    Baby fever hit me SUPER hard about a year before our agreed time to have one {we'd agreed before getting married that we'd wait three years}. Mostly because I'm a preschool teacher {though you'd think my job would have been the perfect birth control!}.

    I still gritted my teeth and waited until it was time, but once that fever hit it was sooo hard!
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  6. majo says:

    i'm just shocked people let animals lick their baby's face

  7. majo says:

    i will admit tho. it was kinda funny when the baby is trying to crawl away and the dog has the baby in a leg lock

  8. i'm just shocked people let animals lick their baby's face

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