Is Taking Off Your Wedding Rings the First Sign of Trouble? (The Katy Perry and Russell Brand Lesson)

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russel brand katy perry divorce split breakupThis week the rumor mill began spinning out gossip surrounding the possible end of the marriage between actor Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry. I like them together so, of course, I gave in and clicked around to see what all of the buzz was about. It looks like “sources say” the pair had a huge pre-holiday fight and Katy nixed her plans to fly her family out to London to be with her hubby and opted to hit the waves in Hawaii with her girlfriends. Paparazzi snapped photos of her swimming without her ring – big deal, she’s in the ocean – setting off the rumors that they had in fact called it quits. To add fuel to the flame, Russell was also spotted without his ring in London; only he wasn’t swimming, just hanging out. Yikes. I admit, it’s not looking good.

But, what do we know? Couples do fight – especially around the holidays, sadly. And, I’m not convinced that taking off your rings means you’ve completely ended things. Although, I do think it’s a sign of trouble.

I only take my wedding ring off to shower, bath, or swim, but hey, I’m a newlywed who still just loves to stare it at it sometimes, so maybe I’m a little bias.

Do you ever not wear your ring? If so, when? Have you ever spotted your husband without his? Were you cool with it? Put simply…is an empty left hand ring finger a sign of trouble in the marriage?

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14 Responses to Is Taking Off Your Wedding Rings the First Sign of Trouble? (The Katy Perry and Russell Brand Lesson)

  1. Rusti says:

    I only take my wedding ring off to clean it (which is RARE) or the one time I had it re-dipped (white gold) a couple of years ago for the week or so it was at the jeweler… Hubs has ONLY worn his for our wedding, my sister's wedding, and maybe once or twice for special occasions or family photos… he isn't much for jewelry, and prefers not to wear it while on duty. I knew all of this ahead of time though – which is why I found a nice titanium band for him on eBay… I think including shipping I paid $9.99 for it ;) even snagged him a slightly fancier second one for the same price (which he's NEVER worn. likes the simple one better.)

    So really, all I'm saying is that no – I don't automatically assume that a lack of wedding ring is a sign of trouble, but then again – if someone is USUALLY seen wearing theirs, and then isn't… well, something could be going on… although it IS Hollywood ;) maybe HIS ring happened to be at the jewelers or maybe he just forgot to slip it on after getting out of the shower… who knows! :) My sister and cousin both take their wedding ring off as soon as they get home for the day, and put it on before leaving – but sometimes in a hurry they forget to grab it – it happens!
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  2. I don’t put as much emphasis on rings as most people do so I don’t necessarily think it’s a sign of trouble. Last year my husband lost his ring in a slip and slide accident (dont ask!) and it took a while for us to replace it. He went ringless for nearly a year. I never once felt insecure. But that’s just me :) I know most wives would not have that.

  3. Diamond says:

    It think it’s more of a preference, I don’t wear my ring at all. I just don’t like rings, my husband wear his must of the time. So I just think it preference, whatever works for the couple.

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  4. lianemarkus says:

    For me, there is always a reason why a person removes his or her wedding ring. Thus, this can be the beginning of trouble but trouble can be avoided if the reason is well explained. Wedding ring symbolizes something that will bond or attach us from the person whom we truly love and spend our life with.
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  5. myloverswife says:

    There could be any number of reasons why the pair was not wearing their rings. I take my ring off everyday when I get home. There has been a time or two that I’ve forgot my ring but I doubt that anyone other than me noticed. The fact that there have been so many reports about Russell and Katy is troubling to me. As a society we have gotten so involved in the lives of others. They should release a statement that says mind your own business. This from me…a wanna be blogger and avid blog reader.

  6. @BKGurl208 says:

    How many men and women never take off their rings but cheat on their spouse, or are living in a an unhappy union? Or how many people don't wear rings – I know quite a few men in this category, and are happily married and giddy in love even after decades together? There is no telling why he didnt wear his ring…maybe it was being resized, maybe he simply forgot to put it back on and unfortunately the paps caught him on that particular day. It could be a sign of demise, yes, but I'm not reading too much into it at this point.

  7. Jewel says:

    I very rarely take mine off, it stays on in the bath, I wear gloves over it for gardening, and rubber gloves if washing up – but most of the pots go in the dishwasher. Sometimes I am too fat to take it off, anyway, in which case, I cut down on what I'm eating! My other half keeps his on except when in the bath or working with certain chemicals at work. I hope Russell and Katy stay married, they have only just got married after all.
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  8. daisy1998 says:

    What did you like about Katy and Russell as a couple? I never liked them together so I am curious. I am a stickler for age and I knew he was to old for her young playful self.

    • ManWifeDog says:

      They appeared (emphasis on appeared) to be two free spirits who found love and enjoyed it and their marriage. As always it seems, you can't judge a book by its (magazine) cover. ;-) The age never particularly bothered me, but it was, I'm sure a factor in her wanting to "party all the time" and him wanting to "be a homebody" as the news reports say.

  9. missalid says:

    I take my rings off when I get home from work, and don't generally keep them on when I'm at home. If I spotted my husband without his ring on, I'd figure he simply forgot to put it on. Now if there are problems on the homefront, I might think different.

  10. Rene says:

    I take mine off to sleep and clean when using harsh chemicals! Hubs takes his off when sleeping. When I'm not wearing it I feel kinda naked! But to each his own. I happen to love my rings and more often than not find myself staring at them :-)

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