Sometimes Marriage Means Graceful Sacrifice (The Khloe and Lamar Odom Lesson!)

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khloe kardashian and lamar odom photoIf you follow sports, or celebrity gossip, or both, you’ve most likely heard by now that former LA Laker Lamar Odom has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. (Man isn’t pleased.) The news angered Lakers fans big time, but I’m guessing none of them were quite as pissed as reality star Khloe Kardashian, his devoted wife. The pair, who’ve been blissfully married for two years, must now uproot themselves from their LA home base and book on down to Dallas to start a brand new life. That’s a big deal, people! Sure, when you marry an NBA player you must always be prepared for the awful possibility that your husband might actually get traded off to some random team in some random city you thought you’d never ever go to, much less live in, but I’m thinking no wife is ever thrilled with this news when it actually happens. Why would she be?

That’s why I’m giving big kudos to Khloe! Not only is she saying farewell to having her closest friends and family and favorite shops a hop, skip, and a jump away, but she’s done so with both grace and positivity — two qualities we don’t see enough in famous wives. She could have thrown a celeb-grade bitch fit (like so many spoiled stars do), but she took the high road instead. She digested the news, then moved on to embrace the change with am exceptionally positive outlook. Even when you’re living your happily ever after with your dream guy, being uplifted from all you know and love is one hell of a sacrifice to make, even for your husband. That can’t be easy. Khloe, I feel your pain.

We wives will at some point in our marriage most certainly be faced with a similar challenge of some kind. A moment will arise where the good of the individual may pose a threat to the good of your marriage. It happens! But keeping a united front and releasing all resentment and regret on day one, I feel, can only strengthen your bond and therefore your marriage.

Khloe made a choice to turn bad news into a new opportunity to create and share new memories with her man, and I can’t be mad at that. (She even tweeted a photo of her hubby in his new jersey with the caption, “Soooo handsome!”) You go girl!

A lot of people called foul on this couple’s quickie wedding, saying it couldn’t possibly be real love. Well, the jokes on them. I see a loving wife who’s very happy with the man she chose to spend the forever after with, and who’s bright enough to recognize that’s worth deeply sacrificing for. Say what now, haters? Right…crickets.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to make your marriage work? If you’re not happy with a decision that must be made, can you make peace with it? Hell, could you give up everything that gives you comfort for love? I say, yes, yes, and yes! What say you?

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11 Responses to Sometimes Marriage Means Graceful Sacrifice (The Khloe and Lamar Odom Lesson!)

  1. Twitter Bestie says:

    I love me some Khloé. She seems to be the one with the most sense. I love her and Lamar as a couple too! Good luck to them both!

    • I agree. I love some Khloe! She's the anchor that keeps the common sense flowing. LOL I can really relate to this, being an Army Wife. I've moved four times in the past three years. It's hard, but if you're with the one you love then it doesn't matter. You adjust and keep pushing.

  2. KnotChocolate says:

    I can totally relate. My husband has a job that can transfer him at any moment. It's already happened once. They transferred him to Chattanooga, TN, but instead of leaving Atlanta, he decided to suffer a really long commute and regular hotel stays. I'd hate to leave my family, particularly my younger siblings who might not fully understand, but I've got to stand by my man!
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  3. TheProDiva says:

    I also say Yes, Yes, and Yes! After all, marriage is all about sacrifices…big ones and small ones. That's just the way it is. I also think that Khloe is succeeding where Kim failed. Where as Kim was unyielding regarding compromise, Khloe has considered what is in the best interest of her family and is riding out with her hubby! I am constantly and presently surprised by Khloe and Lamar's union. They consistently disregard the negativity of naysayers, and focus positively on each other. I love it!
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  4. I say yes yes & yes. I'd do anything to make my marriage work, even if that means moving out of state unexpectedly. I'm glad Khloe is seeing this as a positive and showed no hesitation in supporting Lamar. I truly believe they love each other.
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  5. Lindsay says:

    How on Earth did Khloe became the normal sister when it comes to relationships? I feel like she and Lamar are the only ones who act like they actually like each other. However, that doesn’t mean I want to watch them tongue kiss each other’s faces all the time. *Shudder*

  6. trininista says:

    Khloe is the best of the Kardashian girls and is it any wonder that Rob, my fave Kardash, spends most of his time with her. She has the most sense and seems natural and happy. Good for her.

  7. lianemarkus says:

    I know that people who are married really needs to sacrifice something just to make a complete and happy family. However, even with lots of problems that come along, there is always a solution so long as the two couple are doing their best and doing everything together.
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  8. Blessed7 says:

    I love Khloe! I think she is the most mature of her sisters! what she did- is called having the bigger picture! If she found a great man that makes her happy, then in as much as that was a tough decision, it was a worthy one!!

  9. I love me some Khloé. She seems to be the one with the most sense. I love her and Lamar as a couple too! Good luck to them both!

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