The Story of the Pictionary Box That Holds Up Our Couch (The #LaterNeverComes Lesson)

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Three years ago when we moved into the apartment we live in now we bought a leather (we think) sectional set from one of those discount furniture warehouses. I wanted to go somewhere like Macy’s and purchase a living room set that would endure our busy lifestyle, but my husband, the more frugal half of our duo, insisted that we “get a deal”. That day as we stood in the middle of that showroom, surrounded by “unbelievable deals” and “last chance to save” signs, I grabbed my husband’s hand and asked him directly what we’d do if the furniture proved to be as crappy as I expected and gave out on us sooner rather than later. He looked me in the eye and swore to me that if my predictions came true he’d get his “handy man on” and fix them so we’d still save money. Foolishly, I believed him, and we bought the doomed sofas.

Twelve months ago the base of one of said couches began to split. One minute I was napping peacefully, and the next Dog had jumped up to lay with me and we were both sliding to the floor. I was tempted to yell, “told ya so!” But I didn’t. Instead I politely asked Man to dust off those handy man skills he so proudly bragged about that day and fix it before the couch was no more. He told me he was tired and needed a few “tools”, but would get to it that weekend. He grabbed our Pictionary game and lodged it under there as a “temporary” fix.

The weekend came and went and that Monday morning the Pictionary box was still the only thing keeping us off the floor. I took the picture you see here last night. Meaning, yes, my husband has still not “gotten around to fixing our couch”. I used to ask him about it every weekend, but eventually after hearing “I’ll get to it later” one too many times I reduced my nagging frequency to every season, hoping it would relive some of the pressure. Alas, we still to this day cuddle up with the Pictionary box every night during TV time.

I guess when you’re married, overwhelmed with work, and trying to make the most of the time you do have together, sometimes later never comes. You were probably thinking that this is right about when I blast my husband for dropping the ball — for a year! – but truthfully, I’m over it. Whenever I’m out shopping and I see a Pictionary box, I smile and think about the not-so-perfect things about my perfect-marriage that give it character and provide the comic relief I so often need to make it through the roughest of days.

People aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Marriage certainly isn’t perfect. And, sometimes later really doesn’t ever seem to come. But despite it all I can still think of so many perfect days with the perfect man. Funny, isn’t it.

Is there something you or your spouse have gone an embarrassingly long time without getting to? Share and make us feel better! #notalone

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5 Responses to The Story of the Pictionary Box That Holds Up Our Couch (The #LaterNeverComes Lesson)

  1. Hilarious! We've lived in our townhouse since February. We cleaned up our backyard around April. We have a trash can of weeds and brush that is still in our backyard. Hubby still hasn't gotten rid of it. If I didn't have to bring the trash can through the house to take it to the dumpster, it would've been out.
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  2. HarlemLoveBirds says:

    This is a great analogy for many things us wives silently endure and don't nag about! We had a similar incident with our sofa. It was a compromise purchase knowing we'd get married and I wanting a very expensive sofa and he convincing me to go with Jennifer Convertibles. So glad we did cause not only do people remark on how amazingly comfy our couch is (our guests fight for space to lay on it!), but now that we have a baby she is wreaking havoc on the sofa weekly spilling stuff on it so I'm glad it's not the more expensive one!
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  3. Kokea says:

    I was laughing when I read your story. There is so many related kind of incident related to this story. As they always say that before marriage things were easy, and after marriage, you find out more about that very sweet man of yours before marriage is acting strange.
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  4. Jenn says:

    LOL. Oh god yes. We have closet doors in our hallway that are always coming off track. He puts them on they fall off next time someone goes to get a towel or the vaccum, etc..He puts them on, they fall off. This last go round I think they must have been off track for well over two weeks before I nagged for him to put them back on track because for some reason, I can never get them on. Needless to say before he could walk down the hall they were back off. LOL. I am about to just take them off perm and hang up curtains. Thanks for giving me a chuckle.
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