Give Your Husband The Respect He Deserves (The Nick and Mariah Lesson!)

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Like many of you, I’m sure, I just tuned in to tonight’s episode of 20/20 on ABC hoping to catch a glance at #dembabies (AKA Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s 6-month old never before seen twins Moroccan and Monroe). Yes, the world did get to see those adorable (and chic!) little babies, but it’s what we witnessed before that moment that has me scratching and shaking my head.

Barbara Walters asked Mariah Carey if she trusts her husband Nick. Her immediate response: “Sometimes”. Both Barbara and Nick seemed perplexed by her answer, as was I as I sat watching from my bed at home. Nick’s response? “Sometimes!?” Mariah then says, “Do you think I should trust you?” Nick, says, “Of course.” Mariah goes: “Okay than I trust you.” Seriously, Mariah?!? When Barbara asked her why she felt that way, all she could come up with to cover her foolishly reckless and disrespectful comments about her clearly devoted husband was, “Come on Barbara, he’s a man. Let’s call it what it is.” Again, I say, “Really, Mariah?!” Wow….I’m speechless…really dumbfounded.

There are SO many women in the world who’d give anything to have a husband that adores them and tolerates their over-the-top diva-like behavior, and Mariah is lucky enough to have one who has adored her since he was a teenager watching her videos and she can’t even be bothered to pretend to like him on 20/20? I will always love Mariah as an artist, but every time I look she’s failing majorly as a wife. I doubt Nick would ever leave her, but I have to ask, doesn’t he deserve better? He should see that he does. You couldn’t pay me to go there. I love my husband too much to question his love for me and trustworthiness, period, and certainly not in front of others. Case closed!

UPDATE: Here’s exactly how the convo went down. (I found a transcription.)

Barbara: “Do you trust him?”

“Sometimes,” Mariah said.

“Sometimes?” Nick asked.

“Alright, can I trust you more than sometimes?” Mariah asked. “You tell me.”

“Absolutely,” Nick replied.

When Barbara asked if they are happy together?

“We are,” she said. “Especially when he’s nice. When he’s nice, he’s the best guy in the world.”

“Yeah, you know. He’s a man, Barbara,” Mariah said. “Let’s call it what it is.”

There you have it folks..blatant disrespect. If she feels that way, fine. Just say it to Nick behind closed doors in your home…not on 20/20.

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37 Responses to Give Your Husband The Respect He Deserves (The Nick and Mariah Lesson!)

  1. onlylaila says:

    Wow she said that!! I missed it but I would never have said that on national tv.

  2. Why am I not surpirsed? She betta act like she knows. Nick has been a devoted and loving husband to her, and did not deserve that.
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  3. Tasha says:

    Why even marry a man and have his kids if you don’t trust him?! As an artist, I think she deserves all the attention, accolades, etc but to do that for the world to see is ugly and so disrespectful! Glad I didn’t watch the interview.

  4. myloverswife says:

    Interesting! Lots of women are like her in that they don’t really respect their husbands. I think you see it more with career women who marry later in life and those that were raised with no man in the house. In general, neither group knows how to show that they need a man.

  5. DeeTwoCents says:

    She has been a mess ever since her TRL incident circa '97! She's nuts.

  6. cezanne says:

    I didn't see the interview yet (it's waiting on the DVR) but when I saw the clip on the internet, it immediately irked me. Seriously that was so disrespectful to him

  7. SLS says:

    Wow, I did not see the interview but I am glad I missed him being essentially slapped in the face. While I don't pretend to know what goes on behind closed doors, I feel like if she doubted his trustworthiness she should not have married him and had his babies. He deserves better than that disrespect. If they don't have trust as the foundation it will not work, Nick will come to realize his worth and lucky for him he will be young enough to demand better.

  8. Thank, Q says:

    She said that on national TV? Wow. I'd be crushed by that. That's nothing to even joke about if you ask me. Men have a hard enough time always being labeled as dogs or whatever. To have someone who seems as if he tries hard get crushed like that is how good men go bad. "Well, since you think I'm cheating anyway, then I might as well cheat…"
    My recent post Stop Calling Them "Role Models"

  9. Johanna says:

    She seems like his mother rather than his wife. I think the age difference has something to do with it.

  10. :( I've been rooting for Mariah and Nick, mainly because I see just how much Nick adores and loves and cherishes Mariah. I would never say that to my husband. Like some of the other commenters said, why marry him and have kids with him if you can only trust him sometimes? What sense does that make?
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  11. Quiana says:

    Watched it on and am completely speechless. Who knows what happens behind closed doors but that was so so bad to have happen on national TV. I feel for the kids if this is any window into what she may teach them when it comes to respecting their father.
    My recent post Playdate at Fort Tryon Park

  12. Tiffany says:

    I meant to catch that episode so I could blog about it. What she said really saddens me. Even if that's how I felt, I could NEVER embarrass my husband on national television like that. Talk about crushing a man's ego! Poor Nick!
    My recent post Is It Possible to ALWAYS be Happy in Marriage?

  13. Annabelle says:

    I saw the interview and was shocked she said that. It is obvious that they are not on the same page.

  14. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    I mean we don't know the inter-working of their relationship, but seriously Mariah? Like that's in the top ten of cardinal wife rules…you need to be a united front in public…Wonder how awkward the silence was between them after Barbara left :-/
    My recent post Weekend Re-Cap: Football and Birthdays

  15. Brenda says:

    all i can say is omg!!!! i can't believe she said that.

  16. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    "If she feels that way, fine. Just say it to Nick behind closed doors in your home…not on 20/20." <– Exactly.
    My recent post Snap Happy At The Pumpkin Patch

  17. Keith says:

    That was soooooooooo wrong!! Poor Nick. From a man's standpoint, you have to look deeper in this situation. Mariah might have just cause to say what she said. Maybe Nick has been caught out there for Mariah to react like she did. That's what I got out of the interview. Nick is exposed to some of the loviest ladies in the world on a daily basis. Perhaps he might have took one or two up on their offers…. Just my two cents. Lets face it people, this is Hollywood. Perfect saints are far and few in between.

  18. I didn't see the whole interview but I saw the excerpt on GMA. I was shocked by some of her responses. With responses like that, I don't think the marriage will last long.
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  19. WOW! That is crazy… I really don't even know how to respond to her comments. I'm just smh……..
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  20. nicole says:

    I agree with several of the posters who stated that Mariah may have made the comment knowing something the public does not. Regardless, 20/20 wasn't the time or place to put him on blast. Then again, maybe she had a reason for saying what she said at the time she saidit . I think, however, to assume Nick Cannon is a loving, doting husband simply because he always appears so is pretty illogical to conclude simply from public appearances. I certainly hope he is, but only Nick and Mariah know what goes down behind closed doors. Maybe that's what Mariah was getting at……

  21. Wow! She is a bold woman! If I felt like that I would not dare say it on an interview. Mariah is a veteran in the business and has done tons of interviews. I am sure she knows what she can and can not say! I wonder what's going on in their relationship.
    My recent post Rx

  22. RACHET! RACHET and MORE Rachet! *smh*
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  23. there is definitely a level of disrespectful in her statement..probably shouldn't have said that on national TV perhaps behind CLOSED doors. but i believe Mariah is coming from a hurtful place. in her previous relationships and i wonder if she is continuing to project her past experiences onto Nick. at times as women we do this even when our current spouse and or bf is treating us like gold..we are waiting for the other shoe to drop when we've gone through negative experiences! i am NOT condoning her behavior however i believe there could be some underlying reasons why she gave that honest and true statement in her mind. i would hope Nick understands his wife enough to understand what she meant!
    My recent post A Week of Birthday Celebrations!

  24. nicole says:

    It is obvious that they are not on the same page.I already read this interview and i was really shock..Thank you for sharing…
    My recent post flat rate movers nyc

  25. Girl!!! You read my mind! I was watching it in disbelief! Why would you talk about your husband that way. Especially one that seems to completely adore you! Even if he's putting on an act for the public (which I doubt) then call him out at home in PRIVATE! Not on 20/20. A man needs respect from his wife!!!
    My recent post Things I Can’t Say

  26. Kevin Jones says:

    I just saw this and as a man, she totally disrespected Nick. Not only did she disrespect him but she did it on national t.v. I think I am still in shock on what I saw and heard. If you are going to call him out, do it behind closed doors. Crazy! Love your site!
    My recent post Letter to Grandma, I miss you

  27. Sandra says:

    I can imagine how embarrassed Nick must have felt. Even though if Mariah's aim was to joke around, I agree that she should have chosen to say them in private. I hope she felt bad and apologized to her husband. Nick deserves some respect.

    My recent post how to flirt with a girl

  28. Marcella says:

    eehhh i don't like mariah in the first place. poor nick.
    My recent post Signs that you have black mold

  29. Bride2b_@40 says:

    What a total disrespect towards her husband. Talking about making your husband feel less than a man.

  30. Rene says:

    I'm late but new to the blog and here's my 2 cents – her first marriage was a disaster with a man who she probably thought would love and cherish her and instead she go a man who controlled and used her. Nick Cannon probably had some idea that she would have some pretty serious trust issues. And the fact that she's honest about them is actually quite respectful. My guess is that this wasn't Nick's first time hearing it. He seems to love her with his whole heart. And at the end Mariah says "Its just love, its a beautiful place to be" Trust has to be learned and earned. It looks to me like she's working on it.

  31. Why even marry a man and have his kids if you don't trust him?! As an artist, I think she deserves all the attention, accolades, etc but to do that for the world to see is ugly and so disrespectful! Glad I didn't watch the interview.

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