VLOG: The Man on Why Pillow Talk Should Stay in the Bedroom

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Down the Man Hole Vlog on Man Wife and Dog BlogWhen my husband tells me something about someone else we know his motto is: “This is for your ears only.” Meaning, don’t run back and tell your girlfriends what I said. This sometimes proves to be a bit of a problem for me, I won’t lie. He’s got a few things to say about that….I give you his latest man vlog rant, now to be called The Man Hole, per The Man. Enjoy your trip down there!

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5 Responses to VLOG: The Man on Why Pillow Talk Should Stay in the Bedroom

  1. Shontae says:

    There are plenty times Mister has told me to keep what he's told me to myself. And although sometimes it feels like the information is scratching through my skin, I keep it to myself….unless it's something that is of the UTMOST importance and HAS to be shared. Like, if Mister told me Bestie's boyfriend robbed a bank and killed a few people…I might feel the need to let that be known lol (so exaggerated, I know).
    Otherwise, I zip it and let it be. All things come to light anyway, good or bad.
    Plus, sometimes it's fun to have little secrets between the two of us.
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  2. I agree with the man, the information has to stay in the bedroom. Although, you may want to tell the people involved your first loyalty is to your husband.
    If you ABSOLUTELY feel you have to tell them you must discuss this with your husband and work out something you both can agree on.
    I wouldn't want to risk having my husband stop sharing information with me because I can't keep it between us.
    Interesting topic…..as usual. :)
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  3. I admit, there have been times where it's been super difficult (especially since his best friend dates my really good friend) so our pillow talk sometimes involves their relationship, but we tell each other keep it between us. Because we're all so close, things can get all sorts of mixed up with the he-said-she-said, and drama ensues. So I'm siding with the Man on this one; keep the pillow talk to yourself!
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  4. bestessay says:

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  5. Maria says:

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