Is Your Marriage Emergency Preparedness Kit Complete?

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Emergency prepardness kitAs my husband and I “hunkered down” this weekend in preparation for Hurricane Irene hitting the northeast head on, I started thinking about what it means be “prepared for an emergency”.

After numerous trips back and forth to the grocery story and Target we managed to have all we felt we needed to survive the storm – food, candles, flashlights, games. I think it’s safe to say we’re prepared for the worst.

But is our marriage? What I mean is, a weather storm will come and go, but if your marriage reaches a stormy state it’s not always going to pass so quickly. When those clouds linger, will you be prepared to weather the storm together? What would you need to do so? I made a little list of the things that came to mind; I’m calling it my “Marriage Emergency Preparedness Kit”. Here’s what, I think, it should include:

Trust – You have to trust that the other person wants things to get back to normal as much as you do. If you don’t believe this, how can either of you move forward?

Love – It’s the foundation that holds all the tools you need to survive your marriage and be happy. It’s the actual “kit” that holds all the goodies.

Patience – Progress doesn’t always happen overnight. You need to be believe that you’ll get there and have the patience it takes to wait for change to come.

Respect for one another – If you don’t respect each other’s feeling, wishes, and wants then you’re not going to want to put in the work it takes to row through tough waters. I like to think of it as the Band-Aids you need to protect your feelings until they’ve healed.

Communication – If you don’t talk about your problems you’re ignoring them, and that won’t get you anywhere.

Honesty – If you’re not going to be truthful and upfront about your feelings and concerns than it won’t be possible to address them or move on. You just can’t get there without it.

Financial stability – If your money is funny you’re going to have problems on top of problems. Being broke, or in debt, or living check-to-check can really put a strain on a marriage. Especially a weakened one.

Faith – Sometimes when times get really tough it’s important to believe in thing unseen, or fathomable. You need it to keep going.

Time – You’re going to need to take as much as you need to try and make things work.

What’s in your marriage emergency preparedness kit? Anything I missed?

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6 Responses to Is Your Marriage Emergency Preparedness Kit Complete?

  1. TheProDiva says:

    I think you nailed down all of the important necessities for marriage emergency preparedness. I honestly cannot think of anything else to add to the Love basket. Once again you have found the perfect metaphor. Good job sis!
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  2. Sadi says:

    Dang, I got a kit now!!! What a great post!!

  3. Bossygirl says:

    I need to update my kit!! Love this!
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  4. I have a few of the things in the kit that need some work lol but I'm working on it!
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  5. bestessay says:

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