Study Says: Fighting Can Be Healthy for Your Marriage

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More new marriage insights coming your way this week thanks to a social scientist over at Ohio State University. Clair Kamp Dush analyzes more than 2,000 married people over a 20-year span (wow, that’s commitment!) and discovered that those couples who argued a lot in the beginning of their relationship argued just as much through their marriages. Meanwhile she also found that on the flip side, those who kept the peace from the beginning were more likely to remain tranquil throughout their marriage.

I can totally relate to these results. The Man and I choose to speak with love, and we always have. I can say that after seven years of ups and downs and smile and frowns, I haven’t seen any changes or escalations in our fighting style. We just don’t bicker a lot. We like to say that we rarely “argue” but rather “we discuss” our concerns and problems, because let’s face it, arguing is just no fun – period – and we love to have fun together.

That said, the study also revealed that fighting can be healthy for your marriage. I can dig it. I do believe a couple can fight frequently and still get along just fine. If that’s the way you work things out, all that truly matters is that you work them out, right?

What’s your take on spouse spats? Do you have a fighting style? Have you seen it change since you got married?

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20 Responses to Study Says: Fighting Can Be Healthy for Your Marriage

  1. I.White says:

    I like "discuss" way better than "argue". We calmly discuss everything, it has always been this way and I hope it continues.
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  2. We handle our spats via text mostly. I hate one on one conflict because voices escalate and attitudes ensue.
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  4. We grip our spat via book more often than not. I abhorrence single on one disagreement since voice rise and attitude result.

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