Weird Wife News: Til Death Do Us (Not!) Part?

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Every now and then you read or see something in the news that is just so disturbing you have no words. This was one of those moments for me. Seriously, I have no words…just watch. (These reality TV casting people can’t possibly sleep at night.)

Okay, now I have a few words. I think it goes without saying that this wife took loving and honoring her husband a step too far. I feel like there’s a message here — or at least there was for me. True love can be the best thing in your life and the greatest thing to ever happen to you, bur it can’t define who you are, because if it does, what will you have if you lose it? What kind of person will you become? A marriage can’t define you. You must define your marriage…wow…I just don’t even know what else to say about this one.

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7 Responses to Weird Wife News: Til Death Do Us (Not!) Part?

  1. nylse says:

    odd…very odd…she needs grief counseling.
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  2. I literally had to start this clip over 3 times, because I didn't get it at first. I won't judge because I haven't walked in her shoes. However, it is my hope that she has a support system outside of her husband that can help her get through this process she is going through. And that is all I have to say about that……………….
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  3. Twitter Bestie says:

    I actually watched this when it aired and I had to change the channel. Look, I'm getting sick just writing this and thinking about it. I refuse to click that 'play' button. *puke*


  4. alice says:

    wow. she took it to a whole nutha level!! i agree that she needs some type of counseling.

  5. Yeah I saw a bunch of people tweeting about it and just couldn't bring myself to watch. It's just sad. I hope she finds some help because it's truly consuming her.
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  6. Kenneth says:

    I thought it was weird that she wants her husband's ashes with her all the time, but I felt sympathy for her as well. I don't know what to think or feel for her when she decided to eat her husband's ashes. I am eager to hear about the experts' explanation on this behavior's occurrence.
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