30 GREAT SUMMER DATES: Please Don’t Sleep On The Zoo

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bronx zoo photos

We had a chance to accompany our good friends to the Bronx Zoo over the weekend and since we can never get enough of our godson Liam we decided we’d take them up on the offer. I’m seriously glad we did!

man wife and dog blog bronx zoo dateZoo dates equal great photos and great laughs – two things we love. Even though we walked around in the 90 degree heat and smelled more animal crap than anyone should have to in one day, we actually had more fun there than we did at the state fair. Who knew? The fact that it was free to get in (thanks Bank of America sponsored weekends!) helped us start the day with a smile. (Note: BOA sponsors free activities the first weekend of every month for card holders. Check out the deal in your area here.)

It’s no secret that we’re animal lovers, so we got to let our inner geeks come out to play as we read up on weird and exotic animal facts while snapping away with our iPhones. When a flock of birds came out of nowhere and flew right above my head, I screamed like I was an extra in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie, and my husband laughed so hard I thought he was going to pass out. Good times!

I could list a million reasons why the zoo makes a great summer date, but I think these pictures say it all. Note: That is NOT a real giraffe! (We’re not that crazy!)

bronx zoo photosFor more Man Wife and Dog approved great summer dates, click here people!

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