Ultimate Style Challenge for Bloggers (Deadline Extended)

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Hey ladies! Wanted to share this fun opportunity with you before it slips my mind again. BoutiqueLaFleur.com is sponsoring a summer style showdown for bloggers and the winner will receive up to $700 worth of select clothing from their site. Um, how awesome is that? Details below, plus I’m sharing my entry so you can see what’s required. Hurry, contest ends this week!


We’re inviting you to compete in the ultimate summer style showdown! BoutiqueLaFleur.com is asking you to take part in our first-ever Summer Style Challenge. Each blogger is asked to curate and compose a style inspiration board utilizing some of our tops lines, including Hollywood faves like White+Warren, Chan Luu and Velvet. Once your submissions have been completed and emailed back to us, we will then whittle it down to 3 finalists who will then be voted on by our Facebook fans.

1. Limit one entry per blogger
2. Inspiration Boards should be 400×400 pixels in size
3. All products featured in your board MUST be items currently for sale on BoutiqueLaFleur.com

The winning blogger with the most votes will receive (3) items or up to $700 worth of select clothing or accessories from their style board and will be highlighted on our homepage. One lucky Facebook fan will also be randomly chosen to receive a $100 gift certificate from BoutiqueLaFleur.com. (Note: Curated boards should be creative, imaginative, and clearly express each blogger’s unique sense of style.)

If you’re interested in participating, please review the attached terms and conditions, fill out and sign the attached release form, and email the scanned registration form back to me to confirm your registration. All selected finalists will be alerted prior to the launch of the contest and are encouraged to promote their entries via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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  1. I don't think the deadline has been extended to 2016 though! – Belle Bookkeeper

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