Fun Idea: “Toy” Around With Your Family Photos

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man and dog hipstamatic photoThe Man and I recently gave up our protests and gave in to getting iPhones. I’m so happy we did! Forget all the silly reasons why we refused to succumb before, we did and we’re in app heaven now. Last week I discovered Hipstamatic, a photo app that lets you take photos that come out like they would if you used an old plastic toy camera. You can play with all sorts of lenses and flashes and I’m telling you it makes the family photo fun endless. We can’t put the damn thing down now. Every picture I take is my new favorite.

If you have an iPhone and you haven’t downloaded it already, do so, now. You’ll thank me for it, promise. In the meantime, we’re sharing our first of what is sure to be a weekly best-of hisptamatic photo roundup. (If you take some greats, would LOVE to see them too! Email ‘em my way!)

the dog hipstamaticThe Dog woke me up at 3am on a weekday night and then gave me this guilty face.

my husband in his fedora hipstamatic printMy dear hubby in his favorite hat (and mine too!)

the wife in black and white hipstamatic printSnapped by The Man. He says it’s my “sneaky smirk”…hmm..maybe…

The Dog napping hipstamaticI was up late working and seriously jealous of The Dog right about then.

sunset on our street in boomfield new jerseyOur peaceful suburban street on a Sunday.

the dog with chewie toy hipstamatic printThe Dog sitting on The Man’s head with her chew toy while he naps on the couch Hilarious!

the wife in glasses hipstamatic printMy new favorite “fresh faced just woke up” (I heart this flash) look for those non-makeup moments.

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7 Responses to Fun Idea: “Toy” Around With Your Family Photos

  1. I like the photos. Cute dog. I play with him all day. Glad you are enjoying your phone.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Some of those photos look professional! I've been protesting the iPhone too, but it's time for an upgrade so I may be joining the cult soon!
    My recent post The "Ride or Die" Wife

  3. I like the photos. Cute dog. I play with him all day. Glad you are enjoying your phone.

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