Mourning Our Old Anniversary

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The other day I felt like something was missing from my July. It took me a few days to put a finger on it. Why did this month feel emptier than usual? Crazy work schedule? Nope, that’s pretty typical with every job I’ve had. Because I’ve been a little ill? Nah, I’m a trooper. So what the heck was bugging my July, I thought? Then, boom, it hit me. Gibran and I met on July 17th. The anniversary buzz was gone! Before we got married this time of year was always filled with excitement over what big anniversary fun was to come. The Man always had a surprise in store for me and I would always pretend not to remember it was coming just to make the day all the more special when it came around.

When we got married we had a discussion on the plane to Hawaii for our honeymoon about which anniversaries we would want to celebrate moving forward. After a brief back and forth about the meaning of a date we decided to go the traditional route and embrace 10.17.10 as our new special day. I was 100 percent cool with that until now. I didn’t think I’d miss celebrating July 17th but I do, very much so in fact.

Tomorrow will make seven years since the day we first met our destinies. That’s still special to me, and I can’t let go of that. In fact, as I write this post, I’m thinking I’ll pull a little something together just for the two of us to do to celebrate tomorrow. Maybe a drive to one of our favorite quiet places, or maybe we’ll turn off the navigation in the car and just get lost together. Anything that’s a throwback tribute to the beginnings of “us” will do. Stay tuned for those details.

Until tomorrow, I’ll reminisce through photos from past anniversary celebrations. Up top is from our fourth anniversary. My now-hubby surprised me with a trip to The Foxwoods Casino resort in the mountains of Connecticut. Back then we would always laugh once we realized we packed the same color clothing. (Matching was never intentional!) Down below is a photo from our first-year anniversary. We went for the thrill rides and the zoo animals at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Sigh…love old photos…my how we’re growing (together, thank God!).

Do you celebrate two anniversaries? Maybe three? What are your special holidays?

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18 Responses to Mourning Our Old Anniversary

  1. trininista says:

    Stunning first photo. I think though, while you have that main anniversary now, it is as you always suggest, you have to create moments in your relationship – special moments. So even if this is not THE anniversary, it will always be a special moment in your romantic history and one you definitely should cherish and recognise in your own special way. Happy special moment day!
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  2. BossyGirl says:

    Great post! Nope we celebrate the day we were married…

  3. theMRS. says:

    We have
    First Kiss day
    VISA day- the day Adams visa to the US was approved.
    Engagement day
    Ethiopian Wedding day- we had a traditional Ethiopian Celebration before we left to the US to be officially married.
    Arrival Day- when we got to the us
    Our wedding anniversary
    & Green card day.

    Silly I know, but its fun to celebrate all our little milestones.

    Visa day = July 17th!

    ♥ theMRS.
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  4. Man Dog Wife says:

    Awwwww so cute!!!!!

  5. Carrie says:

    Love this!! And I remember your trip to Foxwoods; it was right after Cancun! Happy Anniversary! I know you'll enjoy!

  6. D Rubenstein says:

    We celebrate on the actual day every year by going to a high end dinner and front row broadway tickets. As the years go by (now at 31yrs) that is something we really look forward to. Having children to celebrate many things with, that day becomes more and more special to us.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hubby has always been opposed to celebrating any anniversary besides the wedding one. So I had to get used to ignoring Feb. 3 – it was the day we officially started dating AND the day he proposed. But I still get a little celebration in because that's also my mom's birthday!
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  8. Jess says:

    We celebrate both the day we met and the day we were married. Having both just makes it fun, almost like you're not just celebrating your relationship one day a year, but twice. We met in May, but were married in January. This past May, we celebrated 5 years. That was the day that changed our lives forever, so I feel we should celebrate. There wouldn't be a January date if there wasn't that fateful day in May when my husband to be introduced himself.

  9. Ms. Mimi says:


    My husband (who name is also Gibran (no lie….I know its rare)) also celebrate the day we started dating (although we had to make this day another special moment because neither one of us remember the actual date) and our wedding anniversary. As someone earlier stated, I think its important to create special moment of celebration to keep the fire going.

  10. Only one anniversary for us but I think it's sweet that you are missing your old anniversary!
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  11. Cher Shives says:

    They are very cute!!!I hope they stay stronger and have a happy life forever…
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  12. Anita says:

    I cant wait to find my special somebody!

  13. Andy Clint says:

    They are very sweet couple!! So cute!!
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  14. Thomas says:

    Anniversaries are one of the things that couple wait for…Very inspiring post!!!

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  15. Noraiza Braun says:

    Aww. Soo cute! And nice pictures by the way . I love looking at photos of happy couples. It makes me happy too..

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  16. Victoria Taylor says:

    I love this! And I love the pictures too. Thanks for sharing!
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  17. Emmalyn says:

    such an adorable couple! :) congrats!
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  18. Love this!! And I remember your trip to Foxwoods; it was right after Cancun! Happy Anniversary! I know you'll enjoy!

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