Introducing the All New Man Wife and Dog Blog (Check Us Out!)

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Guess what!?! If you hadn’t guessed already, our little blog has just gotten a big makeover!! We’re so, so, so happy to share our all new site with you (our wonderful readers!) and we owe it all to Christina from the fabulous Visual Luxe Design.

After our last designer, Studio Chic Designs, took our money (in full) and ran without ever finishing the job (we felt it best to name names as a warning) we were hurt and thought we were screwed and then Christina flapped her cape, swooped down from the sky and saved the day like a true diva superhero — and professional! (We love you girl!) Okay, so watch our little introductory video and then go check out Christina’s site if you’re thinking your blog or company site could use a fabulous upgrade too!

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17 Responses to Introducing the All New Man Wife and Dog Blog (Check Us Out!)

  1. @OnlyLaila says:

    Love the new design! Sad to hear about the last designer but upward and onward!

  2. Twitter Bestie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! OMG! Great job!

  3. Life As Wife says:

    Can’t believe that happened! I remember you tweeting about it but didn’t realize it came to that.

    The new design is fab!!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Great work Christina!!!

    Loving the new look guys. Sorry about the unfortunate events surrounding the last designer but I thinks she deserves to be put on blast! Won’t be using that designer like…ever.

  5. integratedmemoirs says:

    Sorry about what happened to you. Some people have no business conducting business. On the bright side, the website looks great!
    My recent post Guest Blogger – Muze

  6. anitajalese27 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  7. trininista says:

    Christina did an amazing job. It's great! Love the video, and I swear, had Karma barked on cue, I would have jumped through the laptop! Good job!
    My recent post Fake Friday Fun

  8. Sadi says:

    I love it! I used Christina too! She's awesome right?

    Sadi – check out what Christina did to my site!

  9. Untypically Jia says:

    Looks gorgeous! One of my best friends is a blog designer (and one that doesn't screw people over) so I've heard horror stories from both sides and it irks me when blog designers don't hold up their end of the deal.
    My recent post Love, Yourself (June)

  10. You already know what happened with my designer and why I have a certain dislike now for certain types of web designers/bloggers. Unprofessional behavior of any kind when people are accepting your money is simply pathetic.

    On a more positive note, I love the design. Very well done!
    My recent post Missing My City by the Bay

  11. TheProDiva says:

    The blog looks so SEXY! Christina did an awesome job!
    My recent post 10 Questions…

  12. Angela says:

    I'm late to the party because I was sick. But I love the blog design! And I totally feel you with the stressed caused when someone doesn't do what they said they were going to do, and have your money at hand. I'm also glad that you put that company on blast as a warning.

    I think that it is so great that Christina did really great job when you needed her! It's tres chic!
    My recent post Rediscovering My Heritage

  13. Cool new look! Very nice design. Fresh and sassy just like you! ;)
    My recent post Yup, this sums me up pretty close

  14. Leah Mariano says:

    Very educational and interesting article to say the least. I have really enjoyed this so much. I am sure that he was into news many times as he was popular on some television and blogs.

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  15. melody says:

    Great look for this new design, I hope this will never fade..Love your video…
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  16. Violet says:

    Studio Chic Design has screwed over many people. I was unable to work due to cancer, but was able to manage an online business to support myself. Because Dionne dragged the web design for ever (and never finished it) I ended up being out 1 year's worth of income and in huge debt for cancer treatments. I eventually got my money back, by filing a complaint through my credit card, but my dealings with her caused a huge amount of grief and suffering. She shouldn't get away with what she does. You can read about other cases here:… Good luck to you!

  17. Love the new design! Sad to hear about the last designer but upward and onward!

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