The Super Powers Married Women Quickly Develop

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super wife emblemThere are so many beautiful things that come with a healthy happy marriage. I could list them for days, but for now I’d like to focus on one of the many perks in particular. When you become a wife I swear you start developing all sort of things I like to call “super powers”. Like what, you’re thinking, right? Like these…

The ability to sniff out bullshit within moments – I’ve gotten to good at this one lately I’ll actually cut my husband off mid sentence and say, “Let me stop you right there. What really happened?” He hates it, but he knows his little white lies are incapable of penetrating my invisibly bullshit shield.

The ability to pull a meal out of my a** — I can’t cook very well but I can figure out how to turn a bunch of random things in our kitchen into a functional meal when my husband starts getting into one of his major hunger moods and looks at me like there’s no way I’m getting away without making something for him.

The ability to completely sleep through an alarm clock – it’s not a super power I enjoy having but I developed it once we wound up sharing a bedroom alarm clock but having two completely different work schedules.

Now, I’m sure there are quite a few more, but I recently acquired the extreme ability to muster up energy I absolutely don’t have and because of it my brain is working at half speed lately. So that’s all she wrote folks.

P.S. I bet moms develops even cooler super powers. Any of you moms out there care to share? Ha! Bet it would make a GREAT post! (wink!)

What are your wife/mom super powers? Share!

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15 Responses to The Super Powers Married Women Quickly Develop

  1. Lil Z-Bear says:

    As a wife, I completely freak my husband out when I answer a question before he has even asked it. I'd consider that a super power of sorts, although not of psychic variety, but simply because I am able to follow his train of thought easily.
    As a mom, the ability to be fully functioning human being on half the amount of sleep a person needs is definitely up there. That, and the ability my body has to wrangle every last iota of caffeine from the coffee I drink.
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  2. Donnie Nicole says:

    This is hilarious & so true! Wives are amazing super creatures!!!!

  3. The Student says:

    I can finish my hubster's sentences. He has a husbands superpower too…he can predict with great accuracy the exact time of day or night that I am going to be hungry. Okay…I know that sounds weird, since my husband is responsible for all things related to food in our household he has become pretty in tune with my stomach's schedule. I never know when I'm going to be hungry. He's always like babe, if you eat that now (2pm) you aren't going to want to eat dinner (6pm). He's usually correct. Then he gets all agged at me because we have to search for food at 8pm. LOL! Thanks hubby for dealing with my 2 year old-like tendencies.
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  4. This was pretty clever. Give it time and you'll develop even more. Like knowing what he's going to say he wants to eat or do before he tells you, and saying, "I bet you're in the mood for FILL IN THE BLANK." No matter how many times you do it, he'll be astounded.

    That's one of my faves at least. I always chuckle when he says, "OMG! How did you know?" I don't think I'll ever get bored of it.

    Oh, and I LOVE your image that leads this post. SLICK!

  5. Tiffany says:

    YES, I love this post! I was JUST telling my husband "I'm missing is a cape, baby!" He said: "Ironically, I agree. I appreciate you" I, too, answer questions before they are asked and I ask them before he can or won't. He's horrible at navigation but hates asking for directions lol. He'll say, "I was just thinking that and you asked it!" I guess superpowers is a wife's unofficial introduction to matrimony.
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  6. Chasing Joy says:

    Cute post. Good to know super powers await me when I give up my single status.
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  7. Angela says:

    My super power is the ability to clean at a moment's notice. Also the ability to change a poopy diaper in the pitch black night without making a mess.
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  8. Untypically Jia says:

    I developed the ability to locate the following items within five seconds:

    – His Deodorant
    – His Keys
    – His Hat
    – His Work Badge
    – His Wallet
    – His Phone

    And pretty much every other thing he needs before stepping out the front door every day.
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  9. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    Cute post, Charli!

    As a wife/new mommy, my newest superpower is running on fumes. LESS than fumes, actually…
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  10. Dog_Man_Wife says:

    This post is hilarious… And so true

  11. Najat says:

    The ability to fall asleep on movies you don't want to see without feeling guilty. Almost every night we pick (or rather, he picks) a movie to watch at home, this happens without fail. Sometimes in the theater too! Before I met him, I NEVER fell asleep on a movie. Lol.

    The ability to provide an immediate pick-me-up that works. Whether it's his favorite drink or dessert, I know what to get and when to get it for him, in an effort to lift his spirits. It worked last week!

    The ability to remember birthdays and anniversaries of people that I never remembered before our marriage.

    The ability to tune out music I never in my LIFE would have played in my own car. Lol!

    This was fun :D

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