Dear Husband: Thank You For Being Spontaneous

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love stamp imageDear Man,

Thanks to my new job the last three weeks have been one busy, busy, blur. You watched me lay down late and get up early, stay glued to my laptop, and even fall asleep mid-sentence. You told me quite a few times that I needed to just slow down a bit and stop trying to “knock it all out”, but of course I didn’t listen. Then on Friday I crashed and you knew it. I could barely bring myself to get off the couch once I fell on it and you just looked at me like you knew something I didn’t. Lucky for me, you did.

You knew that although I’m usually the big planner in our marriage, you needed to take charge of our weekend and make sure we got away. The next day you told me you had a big surprise for me and all I had to do was “wear something comfy, but cute” and be ready to roll at 6pm. Thank you for that! Your surprise was so right on time and just what I needed to recharge my batteries…

I love you for knowing that I needed something I couldn’t verbalize. I love you for taking charge and making it happen. I love you for driving and catering to me that whole weekend so I didn’t even have to lift a finger. I love you for throwing my blackberry in the glove compartment and not telling. I love you for insisting I take that double shot. And most importantly, I love you for who you are – the perfect husband, I’m just so blessed to have and hope that I tell enough that he’s amazing.



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11 Responses to Dear Husband: Thank You For Being Spontaneous

  1. alovelydai says:

    He's awesome!
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  2. TheYoungMommy says:

    Aww! I LOVE that support. Being in a healthy marriage, where you honestly feel like you're on the same team and there's someone to support you at all times…well, that's just beautiful!

  3. Jenny says:

    awww such a sweet post. i wish my husband was like that. your hubby sounds so cool.
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  4. whatthegraham says:

    Okay so you totally left us hanging!! Where did he take you that required cute and comfy?!
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  5. NYStateofMOm says:

    This is the marriage I had when we dated and dream of now that we actually are…
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  6. The Student says:

    Awe! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!! Don't work too hard Wife!
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  7. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    Very, very sweet. :) I love those moments, too.
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  8. patience says:

    i love you blog…
    i wish i could pull out and display a blog as good as yours :)
    keep it up…
    your always inspiring :)

  9. Mary says:

    My boyfriend is very nice and supportive too, maybe I should write a letter to him also to show my appreciation

  10. i love you blog…
    i wish i could pull out and display a blog as good as yours
    keep it up…
    your always inspiring

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