The Question Of The Prince And The Castle (Need Both?)

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I have to watch the new romantic comedy series “Single Ladies” on VH1 each Monday night for my job.( I write the recaps for if you actually watch the show and ever want to check ‘em out.) On tonight’s episode LisaRaye McCoy’s character Keisha proclaimed that in life women either want the prince, or the castle, but you can’t have both. LisaRaye, I love you girl, but your character was dead wrong on that one.

No, we’re not rich – not even well-off if you ask me – but each night when I come home and walk through that door after a grueling 12 hour day I smile at my prince and I feel like I’ve entered my castle. Really!

The Man and I have done so much to make our house a home and because we’ve personalized it, we truly do think of it as our castle. Home is after all, where the heart is, and our hearts live here, together. I have a few girlfriends who are single and still joke about the dream of marrying rich. Well, before I met my prince I kissed a few wealthy frogs and if I’m being honest I don’t think their money would have been enough for me in the end. Would I have enjoyed spending it? Of course, some days. BUT, I know that those credit cards would not have put the giant smile on my face that only my man can. Some people say love is not enough, but I say money isn’t either.

Maybe one could argue that you need a healthy dose of both to be happy, but all I can say to that is, right now my all-love no-money diet suits my heart, mind, and body just fine.

Ladies, why is your husband your prince? Do you feel that your home is your castle?

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7 Responses to The Question Of The Prince And The Castle (Need Both?)

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  2. ames says:

    I have my prince and while I love our home I look forward to moving into our real castle. I want my kids to have a pool and I would love to be on my deck right now working in the warmth of the sun.
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  3. E Montoute says:

    Totally agree!!!! I'm so proud of being a Mrs. Making our house a home has been a WONDERFUL experience.

  4. It's better to have the prince than the castle. When you have your prince, you can create your castle. My husband is my prince. He's so supportive and work hard to create the castle that we wanted.
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  5. I want them both my prince and castle. Can i? right .

  6. This is so amazing, they're so sweet.. Congrats to both of them.
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