It Is Unofficial Show Man Wife and Dog Blog Some Love Day (Thank You!)

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I just wanted to stop for a moment and thank every single one of you for visiting and reading so loyally – it means more than I could ever say in one little post. When I started this blog seven months ago I wanted to create a space for women to have healthy and productive dialogues about marriage and tell our story in a way that would teach. It’s all coming true and that makes this blogger oh so very happy right now. I wanted to stop and just pause and enjoy the moment. (Something I rarely ever do.)

If I don’t say it enough, thank you ladies. Your continued support means the world to me and I’m so glad we’ve all become such good e-friends. Remember you can reach out to me any time and I promise to continue keeping you all posted on what’s up with The Watkins crew.

Now in closing, I want to ask that if you enjoy reading Man Wife and Dog please help get the word out and tell a friend. We welcome all Facebook and Twitter shout outs and we appreciate them so much.

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Okay, bye for now! And again, thank you!

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14 Responses to It Is Unofficial Show Man Wife and Dog Blog Some Love Day (Thank You!)

  1. Taiisha P. says:

    I'm a fairly new fan but a fan nonetheless. I found you by searching wedding colors, lol. But glad I found the blog. Your spirit is captivating. Blessings to you and your family Soror and I will spread the word…Public Relations is my claim to fame :)

  2. princessofgeekadonia says:

    Thank YOU, Charli for creating such a fun and inviting space for us wives to come hang out in! You already know, but I'll say it again: I la-la-love this blog! Spreading the word is the biggest DUH! this side of the Mississippi! LOL

  3. nylse says:

    i cant believe its only 7 months…you inspire me!!!!
    i'm connected on all fronts besides twitter..i havent committed to twitter yet!
    My recent post Reading &amp Running!

  4. simplykita says:

    No thank you this has been an inspiring blog. Love the blog and I am sure you have helped many please continue the good work.
    My recent post Comparing two companies

  5. TheProDiva says:

    Happy Unofficial Show Man Wife and Dog Blog Some Love Day! Your blog inspires mine! Love ya!
    My recent post Is There Room At The Top

  6. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration… I can't even recall how I found you (probably God), but I am so glad I did! :hugs:

    LOVE that photo :-) Such a cute idea!
    My recent post Grateful Fridays

  7. Sonia says:

    Hey Girl, you are so funny. I love your posts and the subjects you talk about. Even though I am not married, I still enjoy reading about your journey in marriage-land!
    My recent post How Do You Protect Your Brand

  8. trininista says:

    You know I love your blog. It's great. Congrats on 7 mths of fabulousity.
    My recent post Letting Go

  9. Untypically Jia says:

    I wasn't around for the Unofficial day so I thought I'd stop in today and show some love. <3!
    My recent post Whats My Age Again

  10. @CPrincessUK says:

    I am totally hooked on your blog. You do a fantastic job. I am following you on twitter and have bookmarked the blog but will definitely find some spare time to add you and the fabulous pro diva to google connect as well.

  11. @CPrincessUK says:

    Oh and you look fabulous in your wedding dress. The Man looks fine too!

  12. Team Afro says:

    This is a great blog and I commend you for your work for the ladies. We run a website for black men (The Black Man Survival Guide) and would love to share articles with you in the future. Keep doing what you do!
    My recent post The Top 4 Ways to Get Rich In America

  13. Kristina Zumba says:

    Hello I just wanted to say that I enjoyed checking out your site and to wish you all the best with it as it progresses – Kristina Zumba

  14. essayontime says:

    The latest info about this show you shared that with us with the reading of them we are really get the strange feelings that they are going to organizing the non-official show. This is not a good one deed from them they should have to think about that.

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