3 Things I Think My Husband Sees In Me

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you are the one for me imageMy little Love Homework blog party hop idea inspired my girl Jocelyn over at The Science of Marriage Blog her own marriage talk blog hop. You already know I’m all about healthy conversation about marriage so I’m in and you should check it out too. This week the assignment was to “describe three reasons you feel your husband chose you to be his wife” than “share these reasons with him”. Here’s my “homework”!

I Said: I make him want to be a better person.

His Response: “The first time we hung up after one of our marathon phone talks I started cleaning up my room, and looking for a better job. Then I stopped and thought to myself: Uh-oh, she makes me want to do all of this? I think I’m falling in love, fast!”

I Said: I know how to make his darkest days just a little more brighter.

His Response: “When you’re not around I often refer to you as my air, my sunshine, and my reason. So yeah, you’re got that right.”

I Said: Although I’m known to splurge on shoes and bags and lip gloss I’m still very much a guy’s girl. Bring on the sports talk, rough housing, and couch slouching, baby!

His Response: “I realized that as long as you weren’t spending all my money on shoes I could really dig the fact that you don’t mind watching man-movies with me over and over again. Plus, I won’t lie, I think it’s cute that you hate bugs but scream and flip people off from the car during your road rage too. You’r so balanced.”

Time out: Is my husband a keeper or what? I love this man! Okay, back to business. If you think you might enjoy a little love assignment here and there as much as Jocelyn and I do, be sure to check us out each week. Her badge, and my badge are below! Happy Thursday girls!





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9 Responses to 3 Things I Think My Husband Sees In Me

  1. Nicole says:

    That is really sweet. I wonder what my husband would say after he gave me some kind of look because I always ask him silly questions in case we are ever on a game show and he needs to know my favorite song at age 14 and after he asked me 5000 questions about why I'm reading blogs, why do I write a blog, etc, etc. :) I still may try it.
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  2. Denise says:

    This is so adorable! I think me and the hubby need to get in on the act!

  3. The Student says:

    Thanks so much Charli! Yes, you hubby is definitely a keeper!
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  4. amyradish says:

    Can your husband run a seminar for my husband to learn from??
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  5. This is really something sweet to read, and I must agree with you; your husband is definitely a keeper!

    visiting from #commenthour
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  6. integratedmemoirs says:

    Awwww, this is so sweet :)
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  7. sandra says:

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  8. Jad says:

    Wtf?? That person above me is scary! Who in hell wants to put a spell on someone!!! Wtf witches(dot)com

    I hope u other girls don’t listen to such bullshit! If ur man is bad, next him!!!

  9. This is so adorable! I think me and the hubby need to get in on the act!

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