Yet Another Amazing Wedding Proposal Video Goes Viral (Have You Seen This?)

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A few weeks ago i shared an amazing movie trailer proposal with you that blew my mind. Well now it looks like men around the world have accepted the challenge of topping that one. This one, is tough competition. Check out this new (and also soon to be viral) proposal video where a man paints a mural in New York City to propose to his lady in front of — love it! Tissues, please! [youtube][/youtube]

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5 Responses to Yet Another Amazing Wedding Proposal Video Goes Viral (Have You Seen This?)

  1. kristine says:

    the video doesn't work.. is there a link? i was die'n over the last one! love always moves the heart (:

  2. Gabriel says:


    Been lovin ur blog a while now. Thought you guys might like this wedding rap vid I just saw

  3. Robby Neiman says:

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  4. Douglas says:

    I did not get. Therefore the man uncovered themself towards the lady which were selling the wedding gown or purchasing it? And why would psychologically healthy, just 18-years-old Muscle Shoals man would do this? I'd commend for that analysis! Maybe this lady was his secret crush? Or otherwise that secret crush? It is only so pity that that succumbed the press is details that bold they don't expose enough information to create figures a minimum of somewhere humans like! All things have grounds. Within the finish… maybe he just did not such as the dress she selected? Women, be careful! Choose approved limited to Approved by men!

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