Who Wears The Shorts In Your Marriage?

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jay z beyonce vacation italy france photosThought I meant pants? Nope, shorts is what we jokingly call it. You see it pisses The Man and I off every time we hear someone say something silly like, “we see who wears the pants in that relationship”. Who still believes in that barbaric crap? We like to think of our marriage as modern and sensible, and to buy into that whole “man wears the pants” thing is just plain out of the question for me. Nobody has to have all the control in a relationship to make it functional. What sense would that make? Love and marriage wouldn’t work without sharing, and if somebody’s wearing the “pants” what exactly is that you’re sharing? In my opinion, nothing! The said pants wearer would essentially be disrespecting the one they love. It’s disrespectful to feel that your say is final in any matter and the other persons’ is irrelevant, and it’s even more so to believe that in any partnership one person’s thoughts and feelings have less value than your own.

This is where our shorts theory comes in. If your relationship is healthy then neither of you would wear the pants; instead you both wear the shorts. Meaning you’re both half responsible for every decision, and outcome in your marriage. You’re a team. It’s that simple. Just look out some of our favorite power couples. Could you put pants on any one of them? I think not! So I ask, ladies, are you and your husband both wearing the shorts in your marriage? I sure hope so! (Wink!)

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31 Responses to Who Wears The Shorts In Your Marriage?

  1. Twitter Bestie says:

    I like that idea! :)

  2. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    Yes, I like it too! Such a cute analogy on sharing the responsibility in marriage :-)
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  3. Andrea says:

    Love this! I absolutely hate when people say someone wears the pants in a relationships.

  4. Fantastic post. We have a team approach to our marriage too. Although, there are times he needs to be the coach because his skills are more suitable for certain decisions, or when I need to be the coach. So we consider it trading whistles. But your shorts analogy is so clever. Love that!

  5. Jorts, lol..

    I think that we pass the the shorts back and forth….
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  6. I love this idea! Great analogy.

    Looking forward to reading more after #commenthour

  7. Jessica says:

    Do skorts count?!?!

  8. larsinnh says:

    I hate that "Wearing the pants" phrase too!! Came over from the SITS comment hour.

  9. Branson says:

    This is brilliant analogy!

  10. LOL @ Jessica. (Skorts). We're partners. We hold hands in the marriage. :-) #commenthour

  11. Angie says:

    I really like that analogy! I don't know how anyone gets through life without their marriage being a team effort. We'll be married 25 years this summer and we sure wouldn't have made it this long with some outdated idea of "who's in control"!
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  12. I love this idea… so much better than who wears the pants. We definitely share the shorts in our family… unless it comes to the decision of what to have for dinner, then it's all me!

    Love your blog! Visiting from #commenthour!
    My recent post A Lovely Find

  13. Thanks for this! The husband and I do wear shorts in our relationship. Neither controls the other, which is the way we like it. So I guess we're doing something right, eh?

    Here from #commenthour. :)
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  14. I like the idea of wearing the shorts. I think once you have children (especially more than one) it is not so much about sharing every decisions, but rather dividing those decisions up and deciding what ones are partner decisions. #commenhour

  15. Kim says:

    We joke about who wears the pants in this marriage which stems from the fact we're both fiercely independent and like getting our way. Who doesnt, right? In all reality, neither of us wears the pants. We're stubborn and hot-headed but we both bring our fair share of strengths to the table of love.

    Wearing shorts? Now THAT is an awesome idea. Although to be honest, I might find it pee your pants hilarious if just once I was able to get hubs into a cheerleader skirt. I'm just sayin'…
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  16. mommylebron says:

    This is a great analogy! Also, I love the videos you share here! #CommentHour
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  17. whatthegraham says:

    Haha we wear shorts…unless I'm wearing pants. There are things that I have general control over, such as our renovations. He doesn't really have any diy experience and only knew how to change lights before me where as I have the creativity AND ability! I mean eventually he'll probably have more say…like when it doesn't involve taking out our only other bathroom to make one large master one!

  18. Tiffany says:

    I totally love this take on the whole responsibility/control issue. Equality is best!
    My recent post Memorial Day- More than BBQ

  19. Cynthia says:

    Great post! I'm loving your theory. I HAVE to share your post with my other married friends!
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday- Magical Maui Moment

  20. Loving the Shorts Theory. Huz and I both wear the shorts although his might be a bit longer than mine. Not quite pants but…he's a tad bossy. And he's lucky I'm so laid back, rockin' my short shorts ;)
    My recent post What Haunts Me

  21. I'm not married yet but when that happens I definately want us both to wear the shorts in the relationship. :-)

    Found you on #commenthour

  22. The Student says:

    We both wear shorts, but there are definitely times when I know I need to step back and let him wear the pants (and vice versa). There has to be balance in marriage so I definitely like the idea of changing it to "shorts." :)

    Stopping by dumb late from #commenthour
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  23. ManWifeDog says:

    Thanks SO much ladies. I too am dumb late on this one, but I've been SO busy with the new job. Glad to know our little analogy worked so well for everyone. Let's make it the NEW saying. It's so much better than the old one Ha!

  24. Sayumi Kamei says:

    Yes, most definitely, we are two shorts couple all the way.
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  25. Melissa says:

    LOL!! This blog is adorable. I love it!

  26. I hate that "Wearing the pants" phrase too!! Came over from the SITS comment hour.

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