Meet A Wife Monday: Author and Blog Guru Melissa Stops By

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A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week, meet blogger Melissa from I Heart Daily!

The Wife: Melissa Walker, 33

The Man: David Grossman, 34

But You Can Call Them: The Walkmans (Kidding–we both kept our names the same)

How She Snagged Him: “At a party at her apartment–convenient!”

Married Since: 7.18,09

The Cats: Swayze and Winnie

The Kid: “One girl, to be named when she arrives in August 2011″

Place They Call Home: “The garden apartment of a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY”

How She Pays the Bills: Author of teen novels; magazine writer; co-founder of

How He Pays the Bills: Director of Business Development,

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He cooks great meals, he lets me watch really awful TV (and secretly likes it), and he feels like home.”

A Wife Highlight: “In the morning, he gets out his guitar and plays a little while I wake up.”

A Wife Gripe: “It sounds like an old comic strip thing, but there are always socks on the floor in the living room.”

Marriage Mantra: “Same team! (We sometimes shout this to each other when we argue about something like money. It’s good to remind ourselves that we’re on the same side at the end of the day.)”

The 2-Year Plan: “We’re buying an apartment and having a baby in August. Big year!”

Wifey Wisdom: “Talk it out. Even if one of you doesn’t want to.”

melissa from i heart daily and husband meet a wife monday

Enjoyed getting to know Melissa and her man? Check out both her fab blogs anytime! Visit I Heart Daily for great style, entertainment, and beauty content and giveaways or submitted a funny photo to Before You Were Hot — hilarious!! (She on Twitter too – catch her @melissacwalker!)

Want to drop by Meet A Wife Mondays? Contact The Wife to join the lineup. Plus, catch up on past Meet A Wife Monday couples here.

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9 Responses to Meet A Wife Monday: Author and Blog Guru Melissa Stops By

  1. Eve says:

    Awesome, I love the "same team" comment! I tell my hubby "there's no I in team" and it always makes us laugh. Congrats on your baby!! :-)
    My recent post I’m at the Playground and Need Advice

  2. Kim says:

    Heck yes! I'm going to have to remember that "Same team!" comment when the hubs and I argue. I tend to be the argumentative, negative "Nothing good is going to happen!" type when we argue over petty stuff so things like this are a great reminder that you're on the same team…Team Happy Marriage. (Hehe. Couldn't resist. B) )

    Thanks for sharing another awesome wife! Melissa and Dave: Congrats on the new (almost!) bundle of joy! Best wishes to both of you!
    My recent post Comment Moderation and CAPTCHA – Yay- nay- or WTF!

  3. Johanna says:

    omg "he feels like home" is so sweet and perfect.

  4. I hope buying an apartment goes well for you. That is a very interesting goal especially buying an apartment in New York. I am glad that you are writing about the marriage, happiness, and goals. Many couples should take notes from this blog and learn how to be happy instead of spending their time being miserable. Thanks for a nice post.
    My recent post Aug. 5, 2011: Pattern Interruption Strategies

  5. omg "he feels like home" is so sweet and perfect.

  6. I am very glad o see both Melissa and David together. I think they have been having a good relationship as husband and wife. I wanted to say that other couples should follow them to have a successful married life.

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