Problems Married People Have: Insurance Hopping

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medical cards marriage couple insuranceIf you missed my Twitter announcement, you should know that I got a fab new job girls! (I’m going to be the new Relationship Editor for as of Monday – woot, woot!) Although that’s exciting news, the little medical coverage dilemma that came about because of it isn’t so much fun.

I was unemployed most of 2010 (thanks recession!) and started the job I just left back in November when we got back from our honeymoon. I had to wait six months for the insurance to kick in on that job so up until April 1st I was freeloading off my husband’s plan. I was excited to get my own medical coverage again, only to discover that the joy would be short lived once I started my new gig. Now I have to go through a waiting period again for my new job and I just found out that my PCP isn’t covered in the coverage I finally earned at my last. Which means that although I’m not feeling the greatest lately (check up time) and the coverage from my last job doesn’t expire until month’s end, I still can’t go to the freakin’ doctor! My husband offered to put me back on his plan but by the time we go through the paper work again it will be almost time for me new insurance to kick in. Sigh…insurance hopping. Definitely a problem reserved for married couples and people with kids. Do you share insurance? Or are you an independent woman in that regard? Just curious!

In the meantime, here’s to hoping I can hang in there until something activates and I can see my doctor again, since trying to get an appointment with a new one proved to be nearly impossible. (Four week waiting period for new patients – sick or not!)
Happy Friday hons!

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30 Responses to Problems Married People Have: Insurance Hopping

  1. The Student says:

    Bummer! Went through a similar experience when my husband got laid off. It's not fun.
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  2. alovelydai says:

    Congratulations sweetie!!!!! So excited for you. Now don't get sick anytime soon! LOL!!
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  3. Denise says:

    Congrats on the new gig! My husband's insurance is just better. Plus as a contractor I tend to leave jobs fairly regularly, so it made sense to be on his insurance. I hate the whole game anyway, to tell you the truth.
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  4. princessofgeekadonia says:

    My husband and I have always had double coverage and listed each other on our plans just in case of an emergency. I'm so glad we did that because when he was laid off two years ago, there was no lapse in coverage and we didn't have to deal with that hassle of trying to add him.

  5. Roxanna says:

    insurance sucks! period! right now since i'm not yet married i am on my plan alone, my fiancé does not have insurance at all (just cost to much where works) but i can't really add him to my insurance until we're married.

    i think once we do get married we will both be on one plan, most likely mine, and when he get a better job, we'll compare benefits and see which one works best for us.

    i always assumed that being on one plan is better then being on 2, simply because i thought it was cheaper that way, but i'm not sure, once we're married we'll have to figure all that out!

  6. Jordan says:

    We each have our own only because my company pays for mine 100% and when we met, we both were in the jobs we're in now. However, if I left this job or vice versa, I'm sure we'd share. And when it comes to future kids, I'm sure we'd put them on whichever plan was best.

    I don't think it matters if you're "independent" when it comes to insurance. I think it depends on cost and the best health plan for the both of you.

    Congrats on the new job!
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  7. Jami says:

    I think you should consider some stuff…what are the pros and cons of having your own insurance.

    Quite honestly I have a pretty hush hush job (well like with friends and at work) once I have the baby which will offer insurance. Right now I am on Todd's plan which sucks. I don't think I would feel any more dependent or independent if I had my own or on his. I don't have benefits at this job but I will at my new one. When the time comes we're going to sit down and look at the options.

    Will he get paid more to refuse his insurance? Will I? Which one is better? What are the costs of having him on mine and vice versa. Right now knowing what we know it's VERY likely that he will decline his and come to mine. Hope that helps!
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  8. nylse says:

    when it comes to insurance its about cost, benefits and job stability. my feelings of independence were never affected by insurance.
    Huge congrats on your new gig – knock em dead!!!!
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  9. Congrats on the new gig!!! Will you be working with Demetria Lucas???

    I am currently covered under my husband, because I was a contractor when we got married. However, I am going perm with my current plantation on Monday and I will pick up my own insurance because if my husband just covers himself, because he is a state employee, it's FREE. So essentially when he drops me we are paying for one person and that's money back in his check.
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  10. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    Congrats on that AMAZING new job, Charli! That is oh-so-amazing, and I know you'll be great at it!

    Hope all the insurance stuff works out just as amazingly. :)
    My recent post Perhaps motherhood has turned me into a bit of a wuss…

  11. Jenna says:

    Congrats on the job! You're such a hot shot!

    I am an adjunct college professor so I teach a class or two or three at several different schools. And, as you might guess…no insurance for me. So, being on my husband's insurance has been one of the perks of marriage. But, my husband is between jobs right now and we are both uninsured. It makes me super anxious. I am a few steps away from mandating we wear football helmets and wrap ourselves in bubble wrap.
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  12. simplykita says:

    Congrats on job as far as insurance we don't have any my husband can't afford it where he works and of course I don't work. So I know nothing about that subject lol. Again congrats on new gig
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  13. Andrea says:

    Congrats on the new job!!! Insurance is one of the most obnoxious things ever, and I can't believe how hard they make it. I started a new job before I got married, and quickly found out that my company's insurance plan was CRAZY expensive. I would have liked to have my own plan, but it made more financial sense to go with my husbands.

  14. TheProDiva says:

    I definitely feel your pain. I am going through the same thing now with my dental insurance. I had to decide whether to keep mine, or freeload off of hubby's. It is definitely not a good feeling. I will pray that you work this out soon! Congrats again on the new gig!
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  15. Kim says:

    I have no insurance while the hubs does. Sound unfair? It is. His employer will pay for half of his coverage but for a spouse it's 0%. We'd be paying close to $600 out of pocket per month for insurance and we simply cannot afford it. We've looked at other options but nothing is affordable enough. Sucks for us but thankfully *knock on wood* I am healthy enough according to my doctor.

    I wish you luck at the new job! And stay healthy!

    I'm hoping I'll be able to find something for work in the near future close to home since we don't have a second car. Being broke and cooped up in our apartment day in and day out is really starting to wear on me. =(
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  16. ManWifeDog says:

    Thanks for all the awesome advice and "been there, done that" stories girls. It's really comforting and as always, helpful. To be clear, I wasn't implying that you're an independent woman if you have your own insurance, was just making a little play on words. Ha! I'd take my hubby's insurance any day if it were cheaper!! I'll keep you ladies posted!

  17. theMRS. says:

    We can only add theMR. during open enrollment. We had 30 days after we got married, but he didnt have his green card/social yet. Then open enrollment was in December…still no dice.

    So now that he has his green card & social we have to wait until decmeber 2011 which will kick in Jan 2012.

    SIGH…so I upped my cafeteria plan that I can use to cover his medical expenses. At least that way we had cash set aside tax free. We might not use it all this year and may lose some, but to me that was better than theMR. not having coverage and needing to see a dr.


    ♥ theMRS.
    My recent post just in CASE you didnt know

  18. I can’t believe I missed your announcement but CONGRATS!!! This is major but you’ll be so good at it. I’ve been working on a few of your points and it’s helped, now I just need to get out of my own way lol. Yea I went through a bit of the insurance hopping when I switched jobs in March (my little guy’s ped wasn’t covered under the new insurance ugh). But in time it will all settle out and you’ll get that check up. Maybe I won’t cancel my subscription after all :-)

  19. NYStateofMOm says:

    I can't believe I missed your announcement but CONGRATS!!! on the new job. This is MAJOR but you'll be fab at it I'm sure. Yea I went through a bit of the insurance hopping when I switched jobs in March, our pediatrician didn't take the new insurance so we're still on a hunt for a new doc but in a while it will all settle out and you can go on and get that check up. Good Luck, maybe I won't cancel my subscription after all…
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  20. Got here using Nice post, you have covered the issue in great depth. Kudos. Really informative. Will surely help me in future posts for my blog.
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  21. Angela says:

    I just had to bump up this post. I had the same thing go on except my husband's insurance became too expensive so his company dropped it and picked up another one. Yet they didn't want to cover me because I had a c-section and a renewal for asthma medication all in a six-month period. They tried to say I was a liability with a pre-existing condition even though my asthma as never been that bad! I was glad when I could get insurance from another provider on my own about five months later.
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  22. My husband and I have always had double coverage and listed each other on our plans just in case of an emergency. I'm so glad we did that because when he was laid off two years ago, there was no lapse in coverage and we didn't have to deal with that hassle of trying to add him.

  23. life insurance says:

    I didn’t understand the importance of life insurance until I became a financial advisor. I always assumed that the coverage I had through my company would be enough, but I didn’t think about covering things like our mortgage or my son’s college education. My husband and I both have life insurance and it’s a monthly expense that I gladly pay because I know my family will at least be financially protected in the midst of the tragedy of losing someone we insurance

  24. Harry says:

    Hello, Congrats on the new gig! My husband's insurance is just better. Plus as a contractor I tend to leave jobs fairly regularly, so it made sense to be on his insurance. I hate the whole game anyway, to tell you the truth.what is term life insurance

  25. Thanks so much for the comprehensive post. Insurance costs can really add up, but if readers take your advice they can save lots of money and make smart choices since in the insurance world there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

  26. king says:

    My best friend has used good diet and lifestyle as her only health insurance for years as she couldn’t afford insurance before now. It was always pRt of her voluntary simplicity lifestyle. We have always had insurance but her attitude has definitely affected me these 17 years..Insurance

  27. 401k says:

    There is so many info in this post and I have gained little idea about health insurance which is unknown for me. After reading the post like me, any one’s opinion will be such that everyone should take the advantages of health insurance.

  28. shiza says:

    Hello, I think it was ‘secret’ in the sense that most of Sarah’s family didn’t know that she had gotten married and she got married earlier than planned so she could get the benefits. Not so much illegal as maybe a little dicey from family’s perspective?

  29. seoconsultant976 says:

    I like that you mentioned that most people’s most expensive asset is their home. It is normal for people to get insurance for their home, especially if something unpredictable happens. My wife and I are newlyweds and we plan to talk to an insurance expert about our newly bought

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