VLOG: The Man Explains Why Men Fear Your Purse (Hilarious!)

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Rant alert! Whenever I need anything out of my purse and it’s closer to my husband the conversation usually goes exactly like this:

Man: Where are my shades? Have you seen them?

Wife: Yup, I thought you might leave them on the counter in the store so I put them in my purse.

Man: Sigh. Can you get them? I want to wear them to walk The Dog.

Wife: Um, my bag’s sitting right next to you. Just grab them honey.

Man: You know I’m not going in there!

Man picks up bag and tosses it in Wife’s lap.

Man: Just get them for me please. That bag is no man’s land!

Wife: Sigh. You have got to be kidding me!

Seriously, that’s pretty much how it goes every single time. Please note that he will quicker hold or carry my bag for me when I’m juggling too much than he would go into it to get something. What the huh? Each time I get annoyed that he’s annoyed that he has to go in my bag and I ask him what gives. His response is always the same and it’s usually a min rant to the tune of “there’s way too much stuff in there it frustrates me” or “who can find anything in there?” So let’s get this straight here: I can dig through a massive pile of your dirty laundry and workout clothes to help you out when you’re frantically looking for a matching sock to wear to work, but you can’t rummage through some makeup, hair supplies, and magazines for me? There’s a problem here. Men, face your fears, I beg you! A woman’s bag will not bite you, promise!

Now, in all fairness (this blog will never be a husband-bashing vehicle) I gave my husband a chance to respond to this on camera. Here is his (hilarious!) vlog response, all weigh-ins welcome!


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43 Responses to VLOG: The Man Explains Why Men Fear Your Purse (Hilarious!)

  1. Twitter Bestie says:

    LOL, funny. (I can't see the video at work, boooo)

    The boo-thang doesn't go in my purse either. He said his mama always told him that a man should NEVER, under any circumstances, go through a woman's purse. I mean, I get it but…LOL

  2. The Student says:

    Hilarious!!! I think Karma is on the Man's side. Her bites are little warnings saying, "Daddy, don't go in Mommy's purse…you'll get lost. Who will walk me?" LOL! This brightened my day.
    My recent post Wee Words Wednesday- Ankle Bracelet

  3. Denise says:

    HA!!! It's only funny cuz it's TRUE!
    My recent post Terrified of Being the “Old Lady” at the Club!

  4. Flo Riley says:

    So this explains it…my hubby don't ever wanna go in mine either! He brings it right to me and I'm always confused as to why he can't just look for whatever he needs to get out of my purse! smh

  5. Mz.Dolphin says:

    same goes to my man.. he's more than willing to hold my bag even I don't asked him to do so ( he said.. its safer for guy to hold the bag on a quiet alley / road side .. as bag grabber will less likely to do his crime that way ) and yes.. he rather let me find "his" stuff in there than he look for himself lmao
    My recent post Eco-Friendly Napkins

  6. Carrie says:

    This is so funny! He said you have a purse inside of a purse!! Ha ha haaa!! That's a man for ya. And I really don't think Karma wants him to go in there! She's on his side! Love Yall !!!!

  7. Lucky says:

    Too cute! I'm with you G a woman's purse is a black hole from which there is no escape. But for real, Chinese food menus??

  8. Kim says:

    Laugh out loud heelarious! My purse is a wee bit smaller and my husband actually DOES go into it to grab something be it my wallet, keys, notebook, camera, whatever. Yes, my husband is a strange breed of male. But he's adorable and I love him. That reminds me, I keep wanting to change purses to have a more springtime look. From brown to red. Classy.
    My recent post The First Step is Always the Hardest

  9. Untypically Jia says:

    *dies laughing*

    I think the VLOGs of The Man are my favourite feature on your blog chica, seriously. Too funny. I literally LOLed when he was all, "A purse inside of another purse!" LMAO! I have the same thing and my purse is a small handbag but I still have a wallet inside of it.
    My recent post Once Upon a Time

  10. @CPrincessUK says:

    I agree with the Man. There might be yet undiscovered species living in there! But to be honest my dear husband checks all new handbag purchases to ensure they are large enough by making sure his head can fit it it!
    He NEVER goes into my handbag either.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Interesting phenomenon! I'll have to see what my husband thinks. http://www.knotchocolate.blogspot.com
    My recent post Are You Always a Lady in Front of Your Man

  12. Johanna says:

    My man always tells me that I don't need luggage everywhere I go. However, he doesn't mind going in the bag because I usually give him directions(like the keys are in the inside small zipper pocket). It works. Try it ladies!

  13. 2Commentaristas says:

    We love the Vlog. Okay, the purse was adorable, the wallet was super cute and your husband is hot! Way to go!
    My recent post Obama vs Brand X

  14. LionGIrl says:

    Once, my friend was denied from entering a pub because of the size of her handbag. When the manager came out, he stood by his staff by saying," Lady, why don't you carry a suitcase next time?" Hahaha! Men's view of women's handbag alright!
    Did I tell you that you have a very sporting hubby there! Good for you, gal!
    My recent post Is the world ever fair !

  15. @trininista says:

    Imagine if you had like a spare tampon! lol. Men are such wusses!
    My recent post Yearning for customer service heaven in TnT

    • ManWifeDog says:

      I think the size of the bag scares him more than the craziness inside. Yet I never ever get on him about how much crap he packs into his back pockets. Sometimes it looks like he's carrying extra junk in the trunk big time!

  16. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    HILARIOUS! "Chinese food menus and magazines…" I. was. rollin….

    But see, if you carried around only a clutch/wallet all day he wouldn't have anyone to pick up after him…just wait til you guys have kids and you have diapers and bottles in there…LOL
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Oh I can just imagine that. Man: "Honey what do you mean you don't have an extra binky, the baby won't stop crying?" Wife: "This from the man who once told me my purse was like a jungle and that I should downsize." Ha! He's SO getting stuck with the diaper/baby bag after all these jokes. That's a definite!

  17. Angela says:

    This is great! My husband was nodding his head right along to the video telling me that I needed to clear my purse out because it looks like a war zone. Hmph. I just said its an excuse to buy a bigger purse.

    Oh and you are really making me want to venture into the world of vlogging. But i'm still scared. :)
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday

  18. Jami says:

    HAHAHA! Well first and foremost I would say that your dog totally agrees with you! Why else would Karma be biting him?! I know what you're talking about, Todd HATES going through my purse and will do it but only if he's made sure I have cleaned it out recently. What we consider "recent" is very much different though! :p I will say that I don't have menu's (use my phone), a brush or any fragrance spray. HAHA!

    We do have the wallet is a purse argument but fortunately he's learning and now buys me cute (in his minds) clutches to help with his purse hatred. So brave for the vlog! I love it!
    My recent post Just keep swimming- just keep swimming

  19. The woman’s purse is a thick amazon and requires a precise GPS unit to find anything in it. X+Y+Z cordinates must be used to find anything in there.

    A woman would put anything they need In there purse and most women forget what they put in there. A woman’s purse is like a storage room or attic/basement.

    However, I am not embarrassed to get something if @geekgirlwife ask me to find something for her. However, I need a GPS unit to help me though.

  20. @BrothaTech says:

    My mom scared me into not going into my wife's purse.

    "A man should NEVER go into a woman's purse"

    My wife always gives me that "You KNOW you could've just went in there and got it" look as well, lol!

  21. Hubby posting from LegalGrindingWifey's corner. He is right. No man wants to go in a woman's purse. My wife's purse is like a nuclear survival kit
    My recent post Wearing Walmart Fashion Finds- Miss Tina

  22. princessofgeekadonia says:

    This was so funny and soooo true! Especially the part throwing the purse in your lap to retrieve HIS item that you were being so thoughtful about carrying for him. My husband does that ALL THE TIME! Rude! LOL

  23. alovelydai says:

    He's hilarious (& so cute)! Oh m& please let him know that we will over stuff a "small" bad too. Currently I have my camera AND camera charger, keys, wrist wallet, Dood's school papers, phone, iPod AND USB, headphones, socks, a toy car, & a partridge in a pear tree. So we need to toss that small bag theory in the bottom of the ocean.
    My recent post Gadget Man Strikes Again!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      You are SO funny Dai!! BWAHAHAHAHAA! "and a partridge in a pear tree." I think I might have that in my bag too. You know I get SO much flack from The Man about having all my electronic gadgets (and cords) in tow, but you know what? I think I'm a genius for finding a way to carry all the stuff and STILL be stylish. LOL!

  24. Jenny says:

    LMFAO!! My husband goes through my bag all the time. Only rarely does he go OMFGWHATISTHISYOUDOIT!! xD
    My recent post It’s time to hit the books

  25. Shontae says:

    lol 'TheMan' is funny. Karma is too cute!
    lmao my mom carries a purse that carries everything! lol
    I have never carried a purse..to me they scream "come on pursesnatcher…come get all my important things in this bag." lol So I stick to carrying a cellphone, and my money, id, and lip gloss in my pocket. Anything that can't fit in my pocket/wallet is not needed.
    My recent post

  26. imonway says:

    This was so funny and soooo true! Especially the part throwing the purse in your lap to retrieve HIS item that you were being so thoughtful about carrying for him. My husband does that ALL THE TIME! Rude! LOL

  27. This is so funny! He said you have a purse inside of a purse!! Ha ha haaa!! That's a man for ya. And I really don't think Karma wants him to go in there! She's on his side! Love Yall !!!!

  28. yooying says:

    My purse is always a mess :)) that's the reason why others don't want to find anything from it.
    instagram viewer

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