Fab Posts Friday: Taking Your Marriage On The Road, Mom Caves, An Ode to Girlfriends and More!

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I gave all these posts a thumbs up this week. Read them, and I bet you’ll enjoy them too!

I don’t think I’m as excited as the rest of the world about the royal wedding. It’s sweet but nothing I’m going to get up at 4am over. If you feel just about the same you’ll enjoy these Observations On The Royal Wedding I found over on Blogging Dangerously. They’re snarky and smart and so exactly what I was thinking!

Ever wonder what your office desk décor says about you? The wife behind Marsh Mellow Goodness did, so she psychoanalyzed her on work space (complete with photos!) in National Share Your Desk Week.

What is marriage to you? The fab wife over at Life Love & Marriage asks other wives this questions and offers a few sweet analogies of her own over on Marriage Is…!

I must give thanks to Holly over on Holly’s Roller Coaster Life for introducing me to the idea of a “mom cave”. Her Mom Cave In Progress is so fabulous it almost makes me want to go have a kid just to justify having one. Damask rug = glamtabulous! Go see pics, now!

I can’t ever get enough wedding eye candy. Can you? The lovely wedding photos in Update On Our Wedding Album over on Married In Chicago were just what my sweet tooth needed! (Just beautiful!)

Working on balancing love and friendship? Head on over to The North Star Group For Women and read A Mother’s Advice: The Value of Sister-Girlfriends. The morale of this little story is so right on and well worth the read. I Heart My Girlfriends!

Need your daily dose of inspiration? Redefining Happily Ever After over on The Young Mommy Life really moved me. This wife shares how she found acceptance and strength in realizing she would raise her child alone. Very, very worthy of a read!

Ever wanted to just pick up and go, with no real destination in mind, jus the thrill of the trip awaiting you? Well I have, and that’s why I’m so jealous of my girl Geek Girl Wife and her man Geek Boy Husband right now. They’ve decided to say farewell to their home in Chicago and live on the road while they explore their love in what they’re calling Journey to Us. Check out their launch video, now. So brave and so cool!

Have some strong thoughts on pornography and marriage? Debate them with other wives over on Gwen In Love‘s Ask The Audience: Pornography. Lots of interesting comments on this post!

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5 Responses to Fab Posts Friday: Taking Your Marriage On The Road, Mom Caves, An Ode to Girlfriends and More!

  1. Jenny says:

    awesome finds. i'm going through them all right now and they're all such great reads :) thanks!!
    My recent post Light Reading v2

  2. Thanks so much for the love! I'm so glad you liked our pictures!! They make me happy too :) I wasn't that interested in the royal wedding either and so glad to know that I'm not the only one – I was starting to feel kind of guilty! But, I did look at pictures of her dress this morning. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

    My recent post Wedding Mixtape

  3. tmpringl says:

    Just a little clarification – that post was written by one of my guest bloggers, Alicia. :) I am still very much married. LOL
    My recent post Greetings From California- Amber Joins The YML Crew

  4. The Student says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts each week. Thanks for helping me catch up on what I would have missed out on. Keep up the good work!
    My recent post It’s No Secret that I’m a Polygamist

  5. Holly says:

    No no my love! You do not have to have a child for a mom cave you my friend can have a WOMAN cave!!! Every mom, sister, woman, should have one =)

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