The Little Moments That Make Me Say: OMG I Am Married!

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just married written in the sandI am starting to have quite a few of these!

Some are far more startling than others, but they all make me smile. I’m a writer so of course I’ve been jotting them down on receipts, coupons, and post its. I wasn’t exactly sure what for until now. What better place than this blog to keep track of my marriage aha moments, right? So here goes what I imagine to be the beginnings of another living list kinda like 100 Things I Would Do If I Were My Husband.

We’re six months and five days into our marriage now – wow time flies – and these are some of my marriage aha moments thus far.

I Said “OMG I Am Really Married” When…

…we pulled up to a gas station one weekend and The Man got out of the car to grab some snacks from the store and I told him I’d wait to order the gas (full service only in Jersey – jealous?) ; and when the gas guy came to the car and I handed him my card and said “$20 regular please” he responded: “No, you’re husband already told me $30!” Did The President just veto Congress’ gas bill?!? What the fudge?!?

…I showed up to my friend’s “spa pamper night” hotel room birthday party and assumed we were getting mani-pedis and yummy cosmos and instead nearly had a heart attack when I was greeted by two gorgeous male masseuses at the door who proceeded to tell me to head into the “private room”, strip down to panties only, slide underneath the blanket, and relax on the table and enjoy the music until they’re ready to give me a deep tissue massage. And then in a move that’s sure to send my wife coolness score plunging, I actually responded: “Um…okay…but wait, I just have to text my husband first. I wouldn’t want to lie. He just dropped me off for mani-pedis!” (Note: He gave me the green light anyway – score!)

…I nearly screamed at the guy behind the counter at 7Eleven the other day to hurry it up on the lottery machine because I knew my husband would be coming back in soon and he told me “no more tickets this week”. Normally, I would have said my money, my loss – but’s “our money” now, huh? Darn!

…I jumped up out of sleep one night back in early November and realized I was drenched in sweat and having heart palpitations because I’d just had a nightmare that I’d tried to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for his family and I blew up the kitchen with my non-cooking self. Prior to saying, “I do” my domestic-themed nightmares involved minor horrors like the dog eating my brand new $200 shoes.

Have you had any marriage “aha” moments lately?

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16 Responses to The Little Moments That Make Me Say: OMG I Am Married!

  1. LionGIrl says:

    I say, it is really fun catching up with your posts! LOL!
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  2. I am laughing out loud about the lottery ticket. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

  3. LOL This was great!
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  4. Yes. Go and read today's post.
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  5. LOL Massage School taught me a lot and I actually prefer a male massage therapist because they have stronger hands without digging in too deep. So when we went to a massage parlor once on vacation they asked me if I preferred a male or woman and I said, "Oh male, definitely male." My husband gave me that "really?" look. Like "You're going to say that right in front of me?" kind of look LOL!
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  6. Stephanie says:

    Well next time you get you nails done shoot us all an email lmao….Sounds fun and boy oh boy do I get these oh snap im married moments, and its 5 years later!
    My recent post Im back

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  8. I am laughing out loud about the lottery ticket. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

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