Dear Husband: There Is A Reason I Always Misspell The Word Definitely

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love stamp love letterDear Man,

Last night I promised you that we would watch a movie together. I believe my exact words were:”We can definitely do that honey.” When you picked me up from the train station I had every intention of curling up under a giant blanket and dozing off midway through a d-list movie with you – I did. Then, I came in and finished the dinner you started and just as the last pot hit the dishwasher the phone rang. You asked me if it would be a short call and what did I respond? “Definitely!”

An hour later I was still on the phone and you were beginning to nod off on the playoffs. I’d planned to wake you and tell you there was still time, but then I remembered that I promised my dad I’d do him a quick favor and call Verizon on his behalf, plus I still had some e-mail invitations to send out for my best friends big birthday party. Before I knew it your bed time had come and gone and you were sleeping peacefully on the couch as I sat there wallowing in my wife guilt.

Okay I admit it. Hi, my name is Charli, and I am a flake! But in my defense, you know who you married. I’m the person that chronically over-commits, can never say no to a friend, foolishly thinks she can actually do it all, and who no longer knows the difference between five minutes and fifty minutes. Yup, I’m that person. But please know that that person is so very sorry that sometimes in my efforts to do it all I forget to give you my all. You deserve that and I am more grateful than you could ever know. You didn’t even give me a hard time about it. Could you be any more awesome about the whole thing?

I can do better. I should do better. But until I am actually better at this whole love-live-work balance thing, always remember this: There’s a reason that whenever I’m typing too fast or writing too fast the one word I always misspell is “definitely”. That reason is that the only definite thing in my world right now is you, and the love we share! Movie tonight? It’s most likely, quite-possibly, something we can do. (Wink!) I love you!


The Wife

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20 Responses to Dear Husband: There Is A Reason I Always Misspell The Word Definitely

  1. Michael says:

    This is beautiful! So vulnerable! So loving! But I don't get the misspelling part… what am i missing?

  2. the MRS. says:

    I am like the opposite.
    I am the one asleep on the couch waiting for the snuggle while my husband watches crap tv!

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  3. TheProDiva says:

    Awwwww!! How big of you to recognize your fault and apologize for leaving the man hanging! I am guilty of the same thing at times, and my hubby is just as forgiving. We are both works in progress!
    My recent post Diva Spotlight

  4. The Man says:

    For what its worth honey i understand. You work hard and you love hard so I guess I can share your time.Movies and dinner Friday pencil me into your schedule i,ll email you hon. LOVE THE MAN
    My recent post Dear Husband- There Is A Reason I Always Misspell The Word Definitely

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Baby, thank you. I just cant say it enough. You ignore the "Under Construction" sign on my head ALL the time and just keep on loving me. I'm so glad I married your wonderful self! Muah!

  5. LionGirl says:

    Love your honesty!

  6. Kita says:

    Wow this was nice I love to hear stories like this makes me beleive in love everlasting. Great post as always.
    My recent post Business Interview

  7. ChiMomWriter says:

    This is such a sweet post. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

  8. Dana says:

    I need to borrow this but change it to where I am the one falling alseep after promising to watch a movie with the hubby.
    My recent post Wedded Wednesday- Our 2nd Anniversary Stay-cation

  9. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with this post. It's been so crazy lately that I've also over-promised and underperformed. Husbands are awesome and an understanding one is worth 2.

    See you soon, definitely.
    My recent post Mirror- Mirror On The Wall…

  10. Penney says:

    Yall are two cute! Glad to have found you thru Commenthour. I followed you on google connect so I'll be stopping in soon. ;)
    My recent post Plate- Finger Lickin Good Honey Mustard

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  12. This is beautiful! So vulnerable! So loving! But I don't get the misspelling part… what am i missing?

  13. couponstour says:

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