Do You Really Have to Search for the Secrets to A Happy Marriage?

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Being the web geek that I am I often play around with different tools on the internet. Today I thought I’d give Google Insights Search a try. It lets you see what topics people all over the world are searching for and the trends within those categories. I (of course) put “marriage” in the search, and boy was I surprised at what I found. According to Google’s engines, the search term “happy marriage” is trending and is up 70 percent.

Really!?!? I search for a lot of things online (think: shoes, concert tickets, flights) but I’ve never once thought to seek the answers to marital bliss there. I actually find the fact that this trending to be quite depressing. I wish I could dig deeper into these numbers to find out if single women are causing this surge, or if the women who are actually married already are actually the ones hoping to find happiness at home online.

Ladies, I’m no expert, but I’m quite sure that the key to happiness in your marriage lies within yourselves and your home. Not in some magazine article or expert advice column. I wonder if the women who are typing this into their search engines are really so unhappy with the marriage they’re in that they must journey into the land of the random and anonymous (aka the internet) desperately seeking solutions to the problems that plague them and their spouse. I sincerely hope that’s not the case. If so, it makes me sad. Through the creation of this blog I’ve met so many amazing wives and we all have our share of ups and downs, no doubt, but I’d like to think that when we do sit down to ask the Google Gods for answers, that they’re to questions like, “what should I get my husband for our anniversary?” and “what’s the housing market like now?” not “what is a happy marriage?” or “is my marriage happy?” Don’t look to Google for those answer ladies, look within your marriage.

Your thoughts on this one wives?

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4 Responses to Do You Really Have to Search for the Secrets to A Happy Marriage?

  1. Bella says:

    I agree. Though there are a lot of good resources for improving your marriage and I am a bit surprised that I didn't see that in the trends.

    But then, it also comes from what Single Laughing Dad calls The Disease Called Perfection. We see our neighbors and they seem so happy. Maybe they aren't, or maybe they work hard for it, but outsiders only see happy……so they google it. I guess. Sorta The grass is always greener mentality. God I hope I am making sense. Just a thought.
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