Ever Heard of Sleep Eating? I Think My Husband Is Doing It!

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sleep eating disorderIt’s 2am and I wake up to hear the thump thump of giant feet. They sound like they’re headed down the hallway towards the kitchen. A few thuds later I hear the familiar sound of the fridge door opening and The Dog jumps up and hurries in that direction, ears perked. I hear the sounds of lids opening and wrappers crunching. I call out, “Honey, are you okay?”. No response. I slowly get out of bed and while rubbing my tired eyes reluctantly head into the kitchen to investigate. The kitchen light isn’t on but the one in the top of the refrigerator shines just bright enough for me to see my husband standing in there in front of the open door just munching and snacking away. I say, “Are you still hungry?” and still no response. I realize he hasn’t even acknowledged my presence and suddenly it hits me. He’s half asleep!

I don’t even think he knows I’m there. His eyes are open but his mind is somewhere far away in lullaby land. Shocked and fascinated at the same time I walk over to him, grab the half eaten cheese stick from his hands, close the fridge door and begin to wipe off his hands. He starts to wake up for real now and when he asks what’s going on I calmly respond, “Babe, I think you were sleep eating!” If I didn’t fear that he might choke I would find the whole thing utterly hilarious. But, there’s the whole choking thing. So instead, I worry. So I googled it and go figure, there’s actually something called night eating syndrome. It’s rare, but it exists. Now, I obsess until he’s checked out. Assuming he’ll even go look into it. I worry while he laughs at himself…sigh..marriage is work!

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