An Impromptu Wife Pop Quiz (Spill It Ladies!)

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I had so much fun answering a bunch of random questions over on No Longer Unemployed No Longer A Bride this week that I thought it might be fun to pose a few of my own burning questions to you ladies. Let’s keep it simple, shall we? I ask. You post your answers. We’ll all have a little fun seeing if “it’s just us” or if we’re in good company. Answer as many or as few as you’d like. No pressure!

1. Which song makes you think of your husband when it comes on the radio?
2. Do you wear something sexy to bed, or something comfortable?
3. Do you use a home alarm system and does it make you feel safe?
4. What’s the one piece of clothing or outfit your husband loves on you so much he actually requests you wear it?
5. Who is the better driver?
6. Are you having as much sex as you’d like to be?
7. Do prefer to spoon in bed or on the couch?
8. Do you ever watch your husband sleep? If so, what are you thinking?
9. Do you have a bank account he doesn’t know about?
10. Do you really like his mother?
11. Does he know all your secrets?
12. Do you have pet names for each other? If so, do tell.
13. Do you two have a special place you go together?
14. Have you ever seen him cry?
15. What are you getting him for your next anniversary gift?
16. What’s the last nice thing your husband did for you?

Okay ladies, can’t wait to hear your answers! (I’ll post mine below too!) Remember you can answer as many as you want but nothing is required!

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