Living Room Makeover Part Three: DIY Chalkboard Centerpiece Vases

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chalkboard paint project ideaI’m so excited to write this post! I’m proud to report that this weekend The Man and I successfully completed our first DIY craft project together. It was a small project but a big deal for us because we’re usually the couple who just buys things the way they are and never really tries to customize or create on our own. (Which is not the most affordable route for sure.) Now that we’re redecorating on a budget we decided we’d find cheaper ways to add chic and fabulous decor to our home – even if it meant we’d have to get a little crafty. The living room paint is done and we’ve added the perfect details so we moved on to the other half of the room, AKA our dining room area.

Our first goal was to create the perfect centerpiece for our table, since we’d never actually had one all these years. I was uninspired at first and then I read an awesome tutorial on DIY chalkboard vases over on Centsational Girl. (One of my favorite décor blogs!) It seemed easy enough so we decided to give it a go. And boy am I so glad we did! I think it came out lovely. Ladies, it was SO easy to do and a lot of fun. It’s a great his and her project if you’re looking for one, and it barely cost us anything. We created our centerpiece concept for just $75 dollars. Here are all the details, plus lots of photos!

DIY chalkboard centerpiece glass vases project

The Steps

1. First I printed the Centsational girl post out with all the directions and then headed to Home Depot, IKEA, and Michaels with The Hubs. We bought clear glass vases from IKEA for $6 each and a few other great vases from Michaels on sale for $7 each. At Home Depot we bought Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint and picked the color we wanted the tint to be. While there we also bought a few small paint brushes, a roll of painters tape, and frosted glass spray paint to act as a primer.

2. Next we went home and taped all areas of the glass that we didn’t want to be painted. I wanted the message to show on both sides so we left a square box for chalkboard paint on each side and covered the rest in painters tape. (The Man did the taping since he has a much steadier hand than I do and we wanted the lines to be straight and even.)

3. After everything was taped up properly I sprayed the frosted glass spray on the areas to act as a primer. We let it try for about 15 minutes and then used the small brushed to paint on two even coats of chalkboard paint. (Letting it dry in between coats of course!)

4. Next we just peeled off the tape (very slowly!) and decided on what chalk colors and words we wanted to use. Since the vases were for the dining room table we chose the words “Eat” and “Pray” to go on each side of the vases.

DIY chalkboard glass vase centerpiece how to

5. We filled the vases with some wooded assortment potpourri we found at IKEA for $2 a bag and then I carefully wrote the words on in green chalk to match the hydrangeas we purchased for the vases. We got a great deal on fake hydrangeas from Michaels (they were 40% off plus another 40% off coupon) which was much needed because neither of us are any good with keeping real flowers alive.

6. We set everything up and marveled over how easy (and affordable!) it was to make something so nice and so personalized for the table.

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  1. LOVE IT! Neat idea, thanks for sharing!

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