Quick April Fools Day DOs and DONTs For Married Couples

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April Fools Day Prank Dos and Don'tsIt’s April Fools Day, and this morning I got my husband really good. I’m especially proud of this since he’s a tough one to fool because he knows me better than anyone and I’m a terrible, terrible liar. Since I spent all week trying to concoct the perfect prank to play on my husband I’ve thought of all the good and bad scenarios that can come from pranking your spouse. And so I present my handy little list of dos and don’ts for all those who haven’t tried yet. (Don’t worry there’s still time!)


Be cautious of where he or she is before you play an evil prank on them. For example: it’s not a good idea to startle them with (fake) horrible news while they’re driving, walking near train tracks, or already drinking.

Try to pull off your prank sooner rather than later. The more you let the day drag on the more likely it is that someone else has gotten he or she already and they won’t fall for your well-planned (but late) prank.

Keep their feelings in mind. For example: if you’re trying to have a baby, but haven’t been successful, it’s not a good idea to pretend you just saw two pink lines. OR, avoid pretending your hurt or sick because they care about you deeply and will instantly worry. There’s nothing funny about that.


Play a prank on them while they’re at work. If you must do it over the phone at least wait until they take a lunch break or are on their way to or from the job. This is because if your prank doesn’t go as planned you could wind up potentially running their day or getting them in trouble. PLUS, there’s always that small chance that they’ll get another call or get called into a meeting before you have a chance to tell them you were kidding. Both situations could be disastrous.

Take it personally if they don’t fall for it. You could be good, but your spouse still might be better. The whole spirit of the holiday is about having fun so don’t turn a prank-gone-wrong into a serious matter, or worse an unnecessary fight.

Let the prank linger. If your spouse falls for it, good for you, you succeeded. Now spill the beans and have your laughs, No one wants to be made a fool of for longer than a moment, so it would just be cruel to let the joke live on.

Happy pranking people!

How did you prank your husband or wife? Share your success stories (and funny fails!) below!

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  1. nothing wrong with loving dogs! every time we have the "kids" talk i always feel like adding another pup to the family instead! Dexter NEEDS a sister :-P

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