Fab Posts Friday: 5 Reasons Not To Like Tyler Perry Movies, Pregnancy Pranks, Sticky Buns, and More!

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I read these posts this week and loved them, so I bet you will too! Welcome to Link Love Day on Man Wife and Dog Blog! (Be sure to leave some comment love and tell ‘em I sent you!)

Like to cook or bake and love to play pranks? Pick any one of these 7 April Fool’s Day Treats and Recipes from Pizzazerie to get your sneaky on.

Ever considered faking a pregnancy to the hubs for a good prank on April Fool’s Day? Read this recap of one wife’s big gag before you do: Here’s I’m Pregnant, April Fools! from The Dating Divas.

The Man and I watch a lot of movie, but rarely one made by Tyler Perry. I’m proud of his success but disappointed in his idea of “entertainment”. I could go on and on about this but I don’t need to because my girl over at (Not) So Single puts it best in 5 Reasons Why I Hate Tyler Perry Movies. A must read if you are also not a fan.

In Dear 1 Bedroom Apartment over on Being Mrs. Jones a wife pens a love letter to the apartment her family made so many memories in as she and her husband and their daughter complete their first big move. So sweet!

Ready to get angry? I did when I read Newsflash Our Wedding Was A Lie over on Ms. Awesome. She and her wife held a beautiful wedding in California (though it wasn’t legally recognized) and were asked if they would be part of a feature in the LA Times wedding section then told calling it a “wedding” would be illegal and a lie. I’ll let you read the rest of the story in her words, but I have to say I’m appealed at the paper’s behavior and you will be too. Congrats you two! Your “wedding” was every bit as real as mine!

If you’re like me you’re always looking for little ways to make your day a lot better. That’s why these 74 Simple Things You Can Do To Brighten Your Spouse’s Day posted over on Engaged Marriage really inspired me to continue to focus on the smallest moments in life as much as I do the big ones.

My latest obsession with simple DIY projects has led me to a lot of great design/inspiration blogs. How Joyful is one of them, and this Tutorial Love Friday roundup of DIY magnet projects has me wanting to just get up and run to a nearby craft store RIGHT now!

A wife shares some yummy photos and a great dessert recipe in Sticky Buns for Japan on Our Little Beehive. Okay, now I’m really going to wind up cheating on my diet this weekend! Must try to make these…sigh…sorry, Weight Watchers!

This one’s exclusively for my dog mamas. If you haven’t met (the adorably cute) Dexter the rapping and singing Yorkie from You Tube, now’s a really good time to get acquainted because he needs your votes. Check out the Presenting the Great Yorkie Bark Off over on Will My Dog Hate Me?

I recently discovered Operation Beautiful which is a site devoted to “transforming the way you see yourself one post-it at time” and it’s too special not to share. All the posts are fab but this lineup of Wednesday notes is what had me waving my “I love ME!” flag for the week.

You know the wanna-be decent cooker in me is loving this 30-minute recipe for Chicken Piccata over on Food Chow Down.

Man Wife and Dog Blog is all about the link love! If you have a great post you’d like to submit for Fab Posts Fridays consideration just drop me a line and a link any time.

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