Men, Just Because We Pass On The Flowers That Does Not Mean You Skip The Sweets

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box of choclates romance husbandsBack during our first year of dating I made a terrible, terrible, mistake. I told my then-boyfriend, now husband, that I wasn’t really in to getting flowers. He had nearly killed himself and spent a small fortune trying to surprise me with beautiful flowers at work one day and I wanted to comfort him by letting him know the gesture, though so sweet, wasn’t always worth the trouble – and of course, that I didn’t need all the cliché stuff to brighten my day, just him. Well the sentiment was awesome, but if I had known then that my husband would never again really try to surprise me with any over the top romantic and cliché gestures (proposing aside of course) I would have zipped my lips that day.

Now I am not saying that my husband isn’t romantic. I’m just acknowledging  that I can’t really remember the last time I said, “Aww honey, you shouldn’t have!” The Man is almost always thoughtful, kind, and loving (huge pluses of course!) but I do occasionally find myself hoping to come home to a little love note on the counter atop a yummy box of Ferrero Rocher delights that reads “something sweet for my sweet” or maybe to find that he ran me a hot bath complete with lots of bubbles, candles, and aroma overkill. But alas, I come home to a wonderful husband, just sans all the undeniably-irresistible cliches — all because I just had to go and tell the truth the one time I really shouldn’t have. The moral of this story: Ladies, be careful what you  say to your man, especially if he tends to take things literally!

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. I think my husband is awesome and he does sweet things like help with the cooking and cleaning or help me bring in the groceries all the time, but the googly-eyed lovestruck girl who still lives within the inner walls of my heart still wouldn’t mind coming home to the makings of an awesome scene right out of a gushy Lifetime romance movie occasionally. Can you blame a girl for that?

How “romantic” is your husband? Ever wish you could take back something similar that you might have said to him? Share and make me feel better, please!

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